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Pedal Magazine\’s 2004 Canadian Cycling Awards

January 3, 2005 – Now that the holidays are over and cycling fans have had time to reflect on the 2004 season, Pedal is pleased to announce that once again our annual Cycling Awards honouring Canada’s top cyclists will be ready for on-line voting shortly. Winners will be selected on the basis of votes accumulated at pedalmag.com by readers across the Canada.

These awards recognize seniors, juniors, BMXers, plus some new Team awards this year, including ‘fun’ categories as well. All entrants will be eligible to win one of three prizes: 1st prize a 1-yr subscription to Pedal; 2nd prize a Pedal Poor Boy Hat; third prize a Pedal T-Shirt.

All winners receive an Official Pedal 2004 Canadian Cycling Awards Certificate. Voting ends 12 midnight on January 14, 2005 EST and the winners will be announced on January 15, 2005.

Pedal Magazine’s 2004 Canadian Cycling Awards categories:

1. Best Cyclist Overall in Canada
2. Best Male MTB Cyclist
3. Best Female MTB Cyclist
4. Best Male DH Cyclist
5. Best Female DH Cyclist
6. Best Male Road Cyclist
7. Best Female Road Cyclist
8. Best Male Track Cyclist
9. Best Female Track Cyclist
10. Best Jnr. Male MTB Cyclist
11. Best Jnr. Female MTB Cyclist
12. Best Jnr. Male DH Cyclist
13. Best Jnr. Female DH Cyclist
14. Best Jnr. Male Road Cyclist
15. Best Jnr. Female Road Cyclist
16. Best Jnr. Male Track Cyclist
17. Best Jnr. Female Track Cyclist
18. Best Pro Male BMXer
19. Best Pro Female BMXer
20. Best Amateur Male BMXer
21. Best Amateur Female BMXer
22. Best Men’s Road Team
23. Best Women’s Road Team
24. Best Men’s MTB Team
25. Best Women’s MTB Team
26. Best Crash Award
27. Best Sportsperson

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