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Rudy Project – Pedal ITALY 2013 Factory Tour Series

by pedalmag.com

December 06, 2013 (Treviso, Italy) – Here’s the latest installment of the Pedal Italy 2013 Factory Tour Series, hosted by our intrepid reporters, Christopher Balogh and Tim Lefebvre, who recently went on pilgrimage visiting 10 factories during an exciting week in Italy. Join us as we tour Rudy Project’s headquarters in Treviso, and meet Mr. Rudy himself, Rodolfo Barbazza, as well as his sons Simone and Cristiano, and have a look at the latest from the quintessentially Italian eyewear and helmet brand. The tour includes an inside look at the global company’s shipping and quality control divisions, as well as the technology behind their popular products including the very first pair of sunglasses designed by Mr. Rudy…

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