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Bianchi S.p.A. – Pedal ITALY 2013 Factory Tour Series

by pedalmag.com

December 13, 2013 (Treviglio, Italy) – Welcome to Pedal’s ITALY 2013 Factory Tour Series with Christopher Balogh and Tim Lefebvre who recently went a on pilgrimage to Italy and visited 10 factories for an inside look at some of the most iconic brands in cycling. In this episode, get an inside look at Bianchi, a company with a rich racing history that manufactures some of the most exciting bikes on the market… always designed with at least a hint of its trademark celeste colour. Balogh and Lefebvre get lost in the hills near Bergamo on a pair of new Infinito CVs, the company’s latest innovation, after a great tour with Marketing Manager Claudio Masnata.

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