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Pedal Against Cancer 2009

release by Pedal Against Cancer

May 29, 2009 (Vancouver, BC) – Cancer survivor Patrick Murphy is undertaking another incredible journey and for the second year in a row he wants Canadians to join him in his journey. Last year saw the 48 year old Murphy cycle 6,500km across Canada in order to raise funds and awareness: “Even in the weeks leading up to the ride we were able to start helping people by connecting them to the proper support groups at the hospitals, and a day didn’t go on the road that we met people who told us how inspired they were by what we were doing to help them with their battle. It just proves how ordinary people battling cancer can do extraordinary things. What an incredible feeling it was to be able to help people all across Canada from year one.”

Pedal Against Cancer 2009
This year in order to further foster a community of support Patrick is inviting cyclists across Canada to hop on their bikes and ride with him. “My goal is to be able to connect with Canadians by sharing my story of survival to show everyone that with love and support we all have the strength to beat the odds-no matter what challenges face us”.

But Murphy is not limiting self just to fostering a positive attitude: “The simple truth is that the battle against cancer requires commitment but also funds.” To that end Murphy is confident about surpassing last year’s fundraising total of $125,000. “Last years total was phenomenal for a grassroots initiative – the thing I’m most proud of is that the funds came from everyday people wanting to get involved and make a change.”

This year’s event will be centered in Canada’s three largest metropolitan areas. The peddling will kick off in Vancouver on July 18th with a cycling circuit that takes in some of BC beauty (and only a few of its mountainous hills). The journey continues in Toronto on August 22nd with another urban ride which will take participants across the rolling hills of greater Toronto. The wrap-up ride takes place in Montreal on August 29th where participants will be treated to yet another ride through Canada’s multicultural centre.

“Our 2009 program really builds on what we accomplished last year and will offer an excellent opportunity to start building a community of participants who are committed to beating cancer,” says Murphy. “Plus I’m totally excited to start riding with them.”

Please visit pedalagainstcancer.ca for all the necessary information on the rides, fundraising, and detailed information on the charity.

About Pedal Against Cancer (PAC)
In 2002, Patrick Murphy was diagnosed with a level 4 cutaneous melanoma with positive lymph nodes. With the support of his loved ones, Patrick decided to wage a merciless battle against the disease. In 2008, to mark his fifth year of being cancer-free Patrick Murphy embarked upon a cross-Canada bike ride with long-time friend, Michel Leroux. “Looking back, All in all, cancer was a good thing for me, I now have a way of helping a lot of other people in need. Now I can give hope to those who feel they are alone in facing this disease,” says Patrick Murphy. The 2008 ride raised over $125,000 all of which was distributed to cancer centers across Canada.

The PAC initiative was inspired by the philosophy of Dâna International, which means “giving of one’s self”. This non-profit organisation, which was founded by Michel Leroux in 2007, aims to develop financial projects for humanitarian causes through mutual community aid, both in the real world and via the internet.

For more information please visit www.pedalagainstcancer.ca.

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