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Partnership Announced for Edmonton Velodrome in Multi-use, State-of-the-art Coronation Community Recreation Centre Development

release by the Argyll Velodrome Association

June 13, 2016 (Edmonton, AB) – The City of Edmonton has entered into a partnership with the Edmonton Triathlon Academy and the Argyll Velodrome Association for the development of the Coronation Community Recreation Centre.

 ©  Argyll Velodrome Association
At a signing held on May 26, 2016, Councillors Bryan Anderson and Bev Esslinger, along with representatives from the Edmonton Triathlon Academy and the Argyll Velodrome Association, confirmed that the planned recreation centre development will move ahead, with doors set to open in 2020.

“This new facility will meet the growing needs of our community, and provide space for all Edmontonians to enjoy a range of healthy recreational activities,” says Esslinger.

“In the past decade, the City has invested heavily in recreation facilities and opportunities for its citizens,” says Anderson, “The new facility will include a state-of-the-art indoor cycling track which will service the competitive cycling community and provide recreational opportunities for Edmontonians.”

The multi-use facility, located in Coronation Park, will be linked to the pre-existing Peter Hemingway Pool, and will include a gymnasium, running track, fitness rooms, and a café as well as the indoor cycling track. In addition to offering regular fitness classes and community sporting events, the facility will also offer coaching and training resources to encourage athletic excellence in cycling, swimming, and running. When complete, it will be the first indoor triathlon training centre in North America.

“Through this project, we will create opportunities for local athletes to excel, giving them the competitive edge to win events at all levels, from local to international,” says Ward Hanson, President of the Edmonton Triathlon Academy.

The 250-metre cycling track will be the second international-level indoor track in Canada, providing space for local cyclists to practice and enjoy cycling year-round.

“The new facilities will encourage Edmontonians to explore the sport of cycling, as a recreational or competitive activity,” says Eric Oddliefson, Argyll Velodrome Association President.

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