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Paracycling Pan Am Games Road Races Report, Results – More Gold, Silver and Bronze for Canada

by pedalmag.com

November 19, 2011 (Guadalajara, MEX) – The Canadian Para-cycling Team concluded on a high note its participation at the 2011 Parapan-American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, winning a total of five medals, including two gold medals that concludes a perfect Games for the women’s tandem of Robbi Weldon and Lyne Bessette.

The five medals collected on the last day of cycling competition brings the total medal tally to 13, with four on the track and nine on the road.

The Canadian Women’s tandem of Robbi Weldon (Thunder Bay, ON) and Lyne Bessette (Knowlton, QC) concluded their perfect event with a fourth Gold medal games in as many races, this time coming in the road race. The women’s took two gold medals on the road, in the time trial and the road race, as well as two gold medal on the track, in the individual pursuit and the 1000m time trial.

“I’m feeling really good. Four gold medals in a week is a first for us and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing we will go home with four gold medals,” said Weldon. “I cross-country skied for four-five years and I had a very good, high level of fitness when I came into cycling. My body is more geared for cycling. I’ve learned tons in the last year. It’s very helpful having Lyne. She is such an experienced cyclist and she has taught me a lot.”

Myriam Adam (St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu, QC), racing in the women’s hand cycle, also took the gold medal in the mixed road race, her career first international victory. “I am happy. I tried to follow the advice of my coaches as I am still learning quite a bit. Honestly, I think I really improved in learning when to overpass. I won a silver medal at a World Cup in Baie-Comeau, QC, and this is my first international gold medal. I am very happy.”

In the Women’s C road race, Marie-Claude Molnar (Ste-Adèle, QC) rode the silver medal, winning her second medal of these Games.

In the men’s tandem road race, Daniel Chalifour (St-Jérome, QC) and pilot Ed Veal (Toronto, ON) took their fourth medal of the games and second bronze medal. The duo formed only for this event has surpassed the challenges of learning to race together in a very quick time.

Chalifour explains: “We had a great week. We won the maximum number of points for Canada on the track, and on the road. It was the first week of week with Ed and I, and we can proudly say mission accomplished. It was a tough day for us. Sometimes, after too many laps, I can’t feel my legs anymore. I had to find the energy to push all the way to the end. Close from the end, we tried to win the sprint but the pedal unclipped and so we lost momentum. It could have been better, but we tried our best.”

In the women’s tricycle race, 2011 World Cup Champion Marie-Ève Croteau (Québec, QC) won the bronze medal in her road race, despite caring for an injury sustained earlier in Guadalajara. “I am feeling both good and bad. I feel bad as I fell in the time trial race and suffered some bruising, and feeling some pain in the ribs with difficult breathing. I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to do, but still came third. Considering those circumstances, I am satisfied with the results. I gave it my all, and I think it’s a good result after all.”

The road race today concluded the 2011 season for the Canadian Para-Cycling Team led by Head Coach Eric Van Den Eynde. The next major event for the group will be at the 2012 UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships in Los Angeles, California in February.

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Women B – 63.3km
1. Robbi Weldon/Lyne Bessette (Canada)    1:32:00
2. Karissa Whitsell/Lisa Turnbull (USA)    3:13
3. Lidia Britos/Alejandra Alliegro (Argentina)    10:09
4. Marleide Da Silva/Nelma Raizer (Brazil)    14:49

Men B – 84.4km
1. Nelson Serna/Sebastien Durango (Colombia)    1:59:19
2. Eliecer Orjuela/William Rojas (Colombia)    2:20
3. Daniel Chalifour/Ed Veal (Canada)    2:22
4. Clark Rachfal/David Swanson (USA)    2:23
DNF Alberto Nattkemper/Juan Ferrari (Argentina)

Men –  H2-4 – 42.2km
1. Oscar Sanchez  (H4-M) USA 1:08:17
2. Matthew W. Updike  (H2-M) USA 0:01
3. Gonzalo Valdovinos  (H3-M) Mexico 5:09
4. Rico Morneau  (H2-M) Canada 8:07
5. Arly A. Velasquez  (H2-M) Mexico 10:34
6. Gaysil Leon  (H3-M) Haiti 31:03
DNS Aaron Gordian  H4-M  (Mexico)

Mixed H1-2 – 31.7km
1. Myriam Adam (H2-W) Canada    1:12:42
2. Jady Martins (H2-W) Brazil     7:13
DNF Marcos A. Torres (H1-M) Mexico

Mixed T1-2 – 21.1km
1. Nestor J. Ayala (T2-M) Colombia    0:43:22
2. Steven M Peace (T2-M) USA     0:46
3. Marie-Eve Croteau (T2-W) Canada    3:11
4. Louis A. Corriveau (T2-M) Canada    4:53
5. Shelley Gautier (T1-W) Canada    14:58
6. Oscar A. Martinez (T1-M) Argentina    19:12

Women’s C1-5 – 42.2km
1. Greta Neimans (C5-W) USA    1:07:12
2. Marie-Claude Molnar (C4-W) Canada     3:17
3. Allison Jones (C2-W) USA     7:17
4. Cristina L. Otero (C2-W) Argentina     33:36
5. Jamie Ann Schanbaum (C3-W) USA     1:14:49

Men’s C4-5 – 73.9km
1. Soelito Gohr  C5-M  (Brazil) 1:52:28
2. Rodny Minier  C5-M  (Dominican Republic) 0:12
3. Joao A. Schwindt  C5-M  (Brazil) 1:47
4. Diego G. Dueñas  C4-M  (Colombia) 3:46
5. Vincent A. Juarez  C5-M  (USA) 8:32
6. Celerino Ramirez  C5-M  (Mexico) 8:33
7. Henry Perozo C5-M (Venezuala)
8. Eric Bourgault  C4-M  (Canada)
9. Leonel Solis  C4-M  (Costa Rica) 8:35
10. Damian Lopez  C4-M  (Cuba) 8:36
11. Samuel B. Kavanagh  C4-M  (USA) 12:50
12. Alexander Miranda  C5-M  (Costa Rica) 17:00
13. Alexander Perez  C5-M  (Costa Rica) 17:04

Men’s C1-3 – 52.8km
1. Esneider Muñoz  C3-M  (Colombia) 1:24:06
2. Michael L. Farrell  C3-M  (USA) 0:01
3. Alvaro Galviz  C2-M  (Colombia)
4. Victor Garrido  C2-M  (Venezuala)
5. Flaviano E. De Carvalho  C2-M  (Brazil) 0:02
6. Matthieu Parent  C2-M  (Canada) 2:23
7. Jose G. Juarez  C2-M  (Mexico)
8. Rodrigo F. Lopez  C1-M  (Argentina) 5:57
9. Cirio Molina  C2-M  (Venezuala) 8:33
10. Jaye Milley  C1-M  (Canada) 8:38
11. Anthony C. Zahn  C1-M  (USA) 8:56
DNF. Jefferson R. Spimpolo  C3-M  (Brazil)
DNF. Brett A. Weitzel  C2-M  (USA)

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