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PanAmerican Track Championships Day 2 Report, Results

report by the CCA

May 13, 2010 (Aguascalientes, Mexico) – The track in Aguascalientes appears to be fast with Pan American records being set in almost every event. World Records have also been broken by American Sarah Hammer in the Individual Pursuit (3:22.269) and with her teammates in the Team Pursuit (3:19.569).

The second day of competition had the Canadians competing in four events on the track. Joseph Veloce and Stephane Cossette competed in the Keirin. Joseph advanced to the second round winning his heat while Stephane blew his second tire of the meet and had to go through the repechage. He was third in his rep but the Canadian coach successfully filed a protest as the Argentinean rider passed the derny; so a re-ride was contested at the start of the afternoon session, but the result was the same for Stephane. Joseph raced in the second round where some very dodgy riding by several riders prevented the Canadian from moving in to the final and raced in the 7-12 final where he rode a smart ride to claim 8th.

Remi Pelltier-Roy, excited to be competing in his first international track race, and Mark MacDonald contested the men’s 15 km scratch race final. Mark has been sick all week and put in a very solid ride to gain confidence for tomorrow’s team pursuit, placing 20th. Remi commented “this was the fastest race I have ever done”, but he handled himself admirably, getting in a few moves to finish 15th.

Monique Sullivan, Laura Brown, and Steph Roorda qualified 4th in the morning for the Women’s Team Pursuit, in a time of 3:29.8, and faced Colombia in the bronze medal match. Monique was transformed into an endurance rider for the day and put in an excellent ride in the morning qualifier and in the bronze medal final. The Canadians; however, could not match the Colombians speed, but did post a faster ride of 4:29.2 to claim 4th place.

The riders who were not racing, including Travis Smith, rode rollers in preparation for the next day of competition. “I had a rest day to reset and get ready for the kilo, It’s been about a year since my last kilo so I’m really excited to go out there and try to better my Canadian record that I set at the Pan Ams last year.  I just rode the rollers and did some small starts in my aerobars to make sure they are ok, but all this prep started to make me nervous as I have some big goals I want to hit!” Travis has also mentioned that he has his sights set on breaking Curt Harnett’s 200 meter Canadian Record that was set in 1995 when he races on Friday.

The events the Canadians will be contesting on May 13th are:
Kilo: Travis Smith and Stephane Cossette
Sprint: Monique Sullivan
Team Pursuit:  Mark MacDonald, Daniele Defranceschi, Jean-Michel Lachance, Remi Pelltier-Roy
Scratch Race: Laura Brown and Steph Roorda

Results are being posted on Facebook (Canadian Track Cycling) and Twitter (Cantrackcycling) as they become known.


Team Pursuit


For Gold
1. United States 3:19.6 World Record
Lauren Tamayo
Dotsie Bausch
Sarah Hammer

2. Cuba 3:26.5
Dalila Rodriguez
Yudelmis Dominguez
Yumari Gonzalez

For Bronze
3. Colombia 3:26.0
Maria Luisa Calle
Lorena Vargas
Leidy Muñoz

4. Canada 3:29.2
Steph Roorda
Laura Brown
Monique Sullivan

Team Sprint


For Gold
1. Cuba 34.075
Lisandra Guerra
Arianna Herrera

2. Colombia 34.383
Diana Garcia
Juliana Gaviria

For Bronze
3. Mexico 35.21
Nancy Contreras
Daniela Gaxiola

4. Chile 37.712
Macarena Lopez
Irene Aravena

Individual Pursuit


For Gold
1. Juan Pablo Suarez (Colombia)
2. Juan Esteban Aranjo (Colombia) caught

For Bronze
3. Eduardo Sepulveda (Venezuela) 4:28.9
4. Reldys Perez (Cuba) 4:30.0



1. Hersony Canelon (Venezuela)
2. Barry Forde (Barbados)
3. Leonardo Narvaez (Colombia)
4. Njisane Philly (Trinidad and Tobago)
5. Juan Telmo Fernandez (Argentina)
6. Christian Tamayo (Colombia)

Scratch Race


1. Carlos Ospina (Colombia) 2 laps
2. Cody O’reilly (USA) 1 lap
3. Luis Mansilla (Chile) 1 lap
4. Maximo Rojas (Venezuela) 1 lap
5. Euris Vidal (Dominican Republic) 1 lap
6. Pablo Seisdedos (Chile) 1 lap
7. Ramon L. Martin (Cuba) 1 lap
8. Segundo Navarrete (Ecuador) 1 lap
9. Luis Pulido (Mexico) 1 lap
10. Danny Morales (Guatemala) 1 lap
11. Pedro Salazar (Ecuador) 1 lap
12. Yosvangs Rojas (Venezuela) 1 lap
13. Carlos Uran (Colombia)
14. Darren Matthews (Barbados)
15. Remi Pelletier-Roy (Canada)
16. Adam Alexander (Trinidad and Tobago)
17. Eduardo Colon (Puerto Rico)
18. Oscarelli Salazar (Costa Rica)
19. Anthony Seppy (Puerto Rico)
20. Mark Macdonald (Canada)
21. Marco Gullen (Costa Rica)
22. Jose Sochon (Guatemala)
23. Mario Contreras (Mexico)
24. Deivi Capellan (Dominican Republic)
25. Marcos Crespo (Argentina)
DNF Josue Moyano (Argentina)
DNF Yans Carlos (Cuba)
DNS Haseem Mclean (Trinidad and Tobago)

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