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Pan Am Track Championships Day 2 Report, Results – Barrette 7th in Keirin UPDATED

release by Cycling Canada
February 07, 2013 (Mexico City, Mexico) – Hugo Barrette of Cap aux Meules, QC provided the highlight performance for the Canadian team on the second day of competition at the Pan American track championships in Mexico City, Thursday.

Barrette rode from the front to win his opening round heat round in the men’s keirin competition during the morning session. With an average speed of more than 71 km/h over the last 200m, the heat was the fastest of the competition.

In the second round later that afternoon, Barrette was the innocent victim as one of his competitors sudden move up the track with just under three laps to go, sending him tumbling off the track. As the race wasn’t stopped, Barrette missed out on the medal final and was left to contest the 7-12 final, which he won in a mature, come-from-behind ride.

“It’s my best-ever result at the championships, so I’m happy with that,” a scraped and bruised Barrette said after the race.

Also competing Thursday were Rémi Pelletier-Roy of Québec, QC in the men’s individual pursuit and Candice Vermeulen, Alison Beveridge and Kirsti Lay in the women’s team pursuit. But with several team members suffering from illness, neither made it to the medal rounds. Pelletier-Roy was 11th and the women’s team was sixth.

Competition continues through Sunday at the CNAR Velodrome.


Men’s Keirin

1. Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata (Colombia)
2. Santiago Ramirez Morales (Colombia)
3. Leandro Hernan Bottasso (Argentina)
4. Hersony Canelón (Venezuela)
5. Matthew Baranoski (United States of America)
6. Alejandro Mainat Reyes (Cuba)
7. Hugo Barrette (Canada)
8. Edgar Ismael Verdugo (Mexico)
9. Iván Delis (Cuba)
10. Flavio Wagner (Brazil)
11. Kevin Mansker (Unites States of America)
13. Rene Magaña (El Salvador)
14. Marco Guillén (Costa Rica)
15. Jeison Felipe Pastrian (Chile)
16. Jonathan Matías Gatto (Argentina)
17. Alberto Rafael Ramos (Dominican Republic)
18. Marvin Quesada (Costa Rica)
19. Luis Hernán Velásquez (Chile)
20 Kacio Fonseca Da Silva (Brazil)

Women’s Team Sprint

Final for gold
1. Colombia 34.235
Juliana Gaviria Rendon
Martha Bayona Pineda
2. Cuba 34.525
Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez
Laura Arias Rivas)

Final for bronze
3. Venezuela  34.253
Marynes Chiquinquira Prada Rodriguez
Gleidimar Tapia)
4.United States of America 34.364
Missy Erickson
Madalyn Godby

Men’s Individual Pursuit

1. Eduardo Sepulveda (Argentina)
2. Mauro Andres Agostini (Argentina)    caught
3. Jhonatan Restrepo (Colombia)    4:24.465
4. Edibaldo Maldonado Rayas (Mexico)    4:29.529
5. Juan Sebastián (Colombia)    4:27.738
6. Daniel Badilla (Mexico)    4:28.887
7. Pablo Jacob Seisdedos (Chile)    4:29.663
8. Thiago Duarte (Brazil)    4:30.099
9. Pedro Sibila (Cuba)    4:32.090
10. José Antonio Ramos (Venezuela)    4:35.833
11. Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Canada)    4:35.850
12. Isaac Yaguaro (Venezuela)    4:36.281
13. Manuel Oseas Rodas (Guatemala)    4:36.434
14. Gideoni Redrigues (Brazil)    4:36.603
15. Christian Amilc Quicibal (Guatemala)    4:38.728
16. Enzo Bruno Cesario Farías (Chile)    4:44.080
17. Rodolfo Villalobos (Costa Rica)    4:48.429
18. Varun Maharajh (Trinidad and Tobago)    4:50.369
19. Alejandro Díaz (Cuba)    4:54.443

Women’s Team Pursuit

1. Cuba  3:23.401
Yudelmis Dominguez Masague
Marlies Mejias Garcia
Arlenis Sierra Canadillas
2. Colombia  3:23.743
Maria Luisa Calle Williams
Serika Guluma Ortiz
Jannie Milena Salcedo
3. Venezuela 3:25.887
Jennifer Cesar
Angie Sabrina Gonzales
Daniely García
4. United States of America  3:27.979
Lauren Tamayo
Elizabeth Newell

5. Mexico  3:34.536
Marcela Prieto
Mayra Del Rocío Rocha
Ana Teresa Casas
6. Canada  3:38.818
Allison Beveridge
Candice Vermeulen
Kirsti Lay  
7. Argentina  3:44.661
Cristina Greve
Alejandra Feszczuk
Mariela Delgado   Ruth Winder

Men’s Scratch Race
1. Maximiliano Ariel Richeze (Argentina)
2. Jan Carlos Arias Perez (Cuba)
3. Máximo Rojas (Venezuela)
4. Darren Matthews (Barbados)
5. José Alberto Covarrubias (Mexico)
6. Diego Jonathan Yepez Arellano
7. William David Muñoz (Colombia)
8. Mauro Abel Richeze (Argentina)
9. Christian Amilcar Quicibal Estrada (Guatemala)
10. Varun Maharajh (Trinidad & Tobago)
11. Rodolfo Villalobos (Costa Rica)
12. Eduardo E. Colon Ortiz (Puerto Rico)
13. Armando Reis Dacosta Camargo Filho (Brazil)
14. Robson Ribeiro Dias (Brazil)
15. Joaquin Maximiliano Coñuen Banda (Chile)
16. Ramon L. Martin Alvarez (Cuba)
17. Richard Ochoa Quintero (Venezuela)
DNF Brandon Zavala Borges (Puerto Rico)
DNF Pablo Matias Reyes Ramos (Chile)
DNF Jordan Parra (Colombia)
DNF Julio Padilla Miranda (Guatemala)
DNF José Chacón (Costa Rica)

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