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Pan Am Track Championships Day 1 Results – Canada on the Podium + New Men’s Team Pursuit Record Set

by pedalmag.com

October 06, 2016 (Aguascalientes, Mexico) – Here are the results from Day 1 at the Pan Am Track Championships in Aguascalientes, Mexico where Canada took home three podiums claiming the bronze in the Men’s Team Sprint courtesy of Patrice Pivin, Joel Archambault and Stefan Ritter; Jasmine Glaesser won bronze in the Women’s Individual Pursuit; and Ed Veal, Aidan Caves, Jay Lamoureux and Adam Jamieson earned their first sub-4min result setting a new Canadian record in the Men’s Team Pursuit for the silver.

Men's Team Pursuit  ©  Guy Swarbrick


Men’s Team Sprint


Final for Gold
1. Colombia 42.772
2. Argentina 43.805

Final for Bronze
3. Canada  44.299
Patrice Pivin
Joel Archambault
Stefan Ritter

4. Mexico 44.668

Men’s Scratch Race
1. Jose Alfredo Santoyo (Mex)
2. Zak Kovalck (USA)
3. Edwing Sutherland (Bar)
4. Dorlan Javier Monterroso (Gua)
5. Evan Burtnick (Can)
6. Ruben Ramos (Arg)
7. Jhonnatan Narvaez (Ecu)
8. Elvys Reyes (Pur)
9. Horacio Gallardo (Bol)
10. Fatrizio Von Nacher (Mex)
11. Zach Carlson (USA)
12. Alfredo Esteban Ajpacaja (Gua)
13. Mario Sosa (Arg)
14. Miguel Parraguez (Chi)
15. Jordan Parra (Col)

Women’s Individual Pursuit Final

1. Kelly Caitin (USA)
2. Marlies Mejías (Cub)
3. Jasmin Glaesser (Can)
4. Jessica Bonilla (Mex)
5. Cristina Greve (Arg)
6. Yeny Lorena Colmenares (Col)
7. Ariane Bonhomme (Can)
8. Christine Birch (USA)
9. Constanza Paredes (Chi)
10. Miryan Ninez (Ecu)
11. Ana Gabriela Suarez (Ecu)
12. Carolina Oyarzo (Chi)

Men’s Team Pursuit


Final for Gold
1. Colombia 3:55.362 *Record

2. Canada 3:59.931
Ed Veal
Aidan Caves
Jay Lamoureux
Adam Jamieson

Final for Bronze
3. Chile 3:59.154
4. Argentina 4:01.379


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