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Pan Am Championships Trials – Day 4 Report

report by Jeremy Storie/CCA

April 9, 2009 (Los Angeles, CA) – The final day of the Pan Am trials has concluded in sunny Los Angeles at the ADT Event Center velodrome. Added to the list of already qualified athletes is now first year Elite rider Laurie-Ann Dupont Renaud who met the mass start time standard on her third and final attempt.

There were other efforts attempted at both sprint and endurance selection standards and while some riders crept even closer there were no more qualifiers. The final event of the day was the mass start race which was a 40 lap scratch race contested by all of the endurance men and women and two junior sprinters to add to the numbers. David Boily was the winner of this event.

The level of competition seen at the trials was excellent with three women making the selection standard and one endurance man. There were also two sprint discipline men that met one or both of the team sprint criteria as well as one sprint woman. What was even more impressive was the genuine level of commitment of these athletes and their desire to not only qualify themselves but also see their team mates make selection as well. It was the right blend of competition and camaraderie which will ensure a successful Pan Am Championships and National track program for years to come.

Riders meeting qualifying times

– Laurie-Ann Dupont Renaud
– Lisa Pearlmutter
– Steph Roorda
– Monique Sullivan

– Jean-Michel Lachance
– Lawrence Leroux
– Joseph Veloce


Mass Start test last attempt 500m to 2km/3km

500m / 3km
Ryan Aitcheson 31.22 / dnf
David Boily 31.56 / 3:37:58
Mark MacDonald 31.08 / 3:34:54
Stephen Meyer 31.56 / 3:34:84
Matt Potma 31.14 / 3:32:51
Tim Sherstobitoff 31.1 / dnf

500m / 2km
Laurie-Ann Dupont-Renaud 34.17 / 2:38:79

200m last attempt

Allan Leparskas 11.26
Lawrence Leroux 11.43
Scott Mulder 11.32
Joe Veloce 10.91
Karin Cote 12.71
Lisa Perlmutter 12.83

500m Standing start last attempt

Stephane Cossette 33.75

10km Open Scratch Race

1. David Boily 12:25:82 (48.3 kph)
2. Mark MacDonald
3. Jeff Sherstobitoff
4. Jean-Michel LaChance
5. Stephen Meyer
6. Ryan Aitcheson
7. Matt Potma

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