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Pan Am Championships Trials – Day 1 Report

report by Jeremy Storie/CCA

April 6, 2009 (Los Angeles) – Day one of the Pan Am Trials at the ADT Event Center in Los Angeles is in the books with some solid performances from riders vying for spots to compete at the Pan Am Championships to be held in Chiuaha, Mexico May 11-15. On day one the sprinters were contesting the flying 200m while the endurance riders were doing a mass start race test of a flying 500m into a 2km for the women (34.6/2:39) and 3km for the men (31.7/3:29.5).

Solid performances came from Steph Roorda who shattered the selection criteria in the mass start test by 12 seconds and a surprising Monique Sullivan also making the mass start standard with room to spare.

On the men’s side three riders, Mark MacDonald, Jean-Michel Lachance, Tim Sherstobitoff,  managed to break the 500m portion of the selection and were within 3-5 seconds of the overall time.

Trials will continue for Monday with standing efforts for the sprinters over 250 and 500 meters and individual pursuits and mass start second attempts for the endurance riders.


Mass Start

Men (500m, 3km)

– Ryan Aitcheson 32.12, 3:37.48
– David Boily 32.83, 3:36.27
– Jean-Michel LaChance 30.2, 3:32.80
– Mark MacDonald 30.45, 3:32.44
– Stephen Meyer 32.01, 3:33.70
– Matt Potma 31.48, DNF
– Tim Sherstobitoff 31.03, 3:34.38

Women (500m, 2km)

– Laurie-Ann Dupont-Renaud Laurie-Ann 35.11, 2:40.69
– Lisa Perlmutter 34.81, 2:33.12
– Steph Roorda 32.89, 2:27.09
– Monique Sullivan 33.46, 2:33.42

Men’s 200m (1st attempt, 2nd attempt)

– Stephane Cossette 11.65, 11.77
– Allan Leparskas 11.28, 11.26
– Lawrence Leroux 11.49, 11.44
– Scott Mulder 11.34, 11.2
– Joseph Veloce 10.92, 10.83

Women’s 200m (1st attempt, 2nd attempt)

Karin Cote 12.87, 12.65
Monique Sullivan 11.95

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