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PacificSport Mobile Lab Coming To Nanaimo

April 30, 2006 – As reported in the The Daily News (Nanaimo), Sport science is an integral part of creating a world-class athlete and the PacificSport Vancouver Island Mobile Lab is coming to Nanaimo to give coaches an introduction to the cutting edge technology for free.

Exercise physiologist Liz Johnson, performance analyst Veronica Planella and regional cross country ski coach Dave Battison, will be presenting an introduction to sport science testing and assessment procedures for coaches of high performance athletes.

The two-hour workshop at Malaspina University-College on May 3 will introduce the concept of how to efficiently implement sport science into training programs to help coaches improve the performance of their athletes.

“It’s going to be an overview of tests and equipment for all sports,” Drew Cooper, general manager of PacificSport Vancouver Island, told the Daily News. He continued to say that “There are a wide range of tests appropriate for some sports, but not for others.”

Laboratory hardware transported in the van includes ergometers, gas analysis equipment, phlebotomy (blood sampling) and blood analysis equipment, body temperature monitoring systems and timing equipment and when properly utilized this equipment can provide the edge that often means the difference between podium and participant.

“Just look at all the fourth place finishes Canada had in Torino,” Cooper continued. “The difference between third and fourth were only hundredths of a second. Sport science technology can make a difference, even with the smallest impact, to help our athletes get a medal. If B.C. is going to produce top level athletes we need sport science behind us.”

The mobile lab is the first of its kind in Canada and Johnson is excited about athletes in B.C. having the opportunity to access such a revolutionary, cost-effective concept.

“It’s a lot cheaper for me to be able to go up to say Prince Rupert to test athletes, rather than have a whole team come down to Vancouver or Victoria for testing,” Johnson said.

The mobile lab team will be travelling to Comox and then through B.C., following their Nanaimo visit, to increase awareness and to gauge the interest of coaches and athletes towards sport science.

The workshop will be held in building 356, room 111 on Wednesday, May 3 at 4 p.m. For more information contact Drew Cooper at (250)
753-3245 x 1-2072.

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