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PacificSport Fraser Valley — Job Opportunity

February 3, 2006 – PacificSport Fraser Valley is recruiting for an Athlete & Coach Services Coordinator.
PacificSport Fraser Valley – Athlete & Coach Services Coordinator

Competition #FV001-1

[Note: This is a one-year position to fill a Maternity Leave.]

Reports to: PacificSport Fraser Valley, General Manager

Responsible to: Plan, develop, deliver, and assess a variety of Athlete and Coach Services, and Sport Development programs designed to holistically assist athletes and coaches in the pursuit of excellence. The position is also responsible for cultivating relationships with local businesses, stakeholders and/or partners to improve Athlete and Coach Support programs and services.

Location: Abbotsford (University College of the Fraser Valley)
Posting date: February 1, 2006
Closing Date: February 17th, 2006, 12:00 noon
To apply: E-mail resume to fraservalley(at)pacificsport.com; indicating Competition # and title of position.
Salary Range: $28,000-30,000, commensurate with level of experience, skills and qualifications, and subject to negotiation.

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