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Pacific Cycling Centre Kicks Off 2014 with January Mileage Camp

release by the Pacific Cycling Centre

January 17, 2014 (Victoria, BC) – Wild weather was no match for the Pacific Cycling Centre last weekend at the first camp of the year.  A small but motivated group braved some dismal, grey weather as they painted the first coat of fitness on their 2014 season.

The first day of the camp was a great, and dry, start to the camp that included a reality check, as this was the day athletes would race against the clock to set new marks at both an uphill and rolling time trial.  The first efforts of the year are always eye opening.  These time trials will be repeated at the February camp in order for individual progress to be measured as athletes work towards their 2014 race season.

Day two was focused on climbing.  The group rode out and back on Willis Point road, two laps of Dean Park, two climbs up the Observatory and finally two climbs up Mount Doug. By the time the group reached the very steep 1.5km climb at Mount Doug there was not much left in anyone’s legs, but the bonus climbing was where the best training was found. The group managed over four hours of riding, and over 1350m of climbing without rain, despite a nasty storm looming. The evening gym session was held indoors at Bayside Middle School and included strength and stretching exercises before engaging in full contact handball.

Saturday was monsoon weather, with rain and 90km/h winds in the forecast, so for the first time ever the ride was rescheduled as an indoor trainer session at Catalyst. This is a beautiful personal training facility in downtown Victoria and an excellent venue for indoor workouts. Six athletes took advantage of the facilities with a challenging workout of either 4 or 5 x 20’ at FTP, which was a very challenging morning on tired legs.

Sunday was the final day of the camp. The main focus of the last day was endurance, so the group rode some long, steady mileage. A steady drizzle in the morning was followed by was dry conditions which also brought some wind, so gusting blasts of wind met the group as they battled home along the waterfront to complete the camp.

It was a tough but rewarding four days. Thanks to Powerbar for keeping the group fed and watered and to Houshang Amiri for directing the training from the car each day. These camps are excellent opportunities for athletes from triathlon or cycling to build their offseason endurance.  Athletes range from junior and under-23 athletes starting their career, to veteran pro athletes, to age group and masters athletes training to achieve their potential.  The entire group improves by working together in an organized and focused training group.

Next camp is February 6-9, 2014.  Don’t miss out on your chance to sign up here.

Pacific Cycling Centre would like to thank their sponsors PowerBar, Action Motorcycles and Catalyst for providing an opportunity to host these camps.

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