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P2A Pro Criterium Results and PHOTOS – Kirchmann and Van den Ham in Charge + VID

by pedalmag.com
Leah Kirchmann wins [P] Martin Reid
April 29, 2017 (Paris, Ontario) – Leah Kirchmann (Team Sunweb) took home a solo victory at the inaugural women’s P2A Pro Criterium today in with Rebecca Fahringer (Independent) in second and Ruby West (Rise Racing) in third.

In the men’s competition it was Michael van den Ham (Garneau-Easton) taking top honours with Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles – Ridley) claiming second and Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart) third.

Van den Ham wins [P] Martin Reid
Aaron Schooler leads the chasers [P] Martin Reid
Women's start [P] Martin Reid
Women's podium [P] Martin Reid
Men's podium [P] Martin Reid
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Women’s Final
1. Leah Kirchmann (Team Sunweb – RME.1)    25:08
2. Rebecca Fahringer (Independent – RME.1)    0:24
3. Ruby West (Rise Racing – RME.2)    0:30
4. Hannah Rae Finchamp (Clif Pro Team – RME.1)    0:45
5. Margriet Kloppenburg (Independent – RME.1)    1:05
6. Kristen Kit (Independent – RME.2)    1:39
7. Natalie Tapias (Jam Fund – RME.1)    2:06
8. Christine Vardaros (Stevens Pro Cycling – RME.1)    2:11
9. Rhys May (Jam Fund – RME.1)    3:01

Men’s Final
1. Michael van den Ham (Garneau-Easton – RME.1)    31:45
2. Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles – Ridley – RME.1)   0:20
3. Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart – RME.1)
4. Michael Foley (La Bicicletta Cycling Club – RMU23.2)
5. Matt Surch (Tekne Cycle Club – RMMA.1)    0:29
6. Alec Donahue (Jam Fund – RME.1)    0:32
7. Gaelen Merritt (Wheels of Bloor/Autostyle Collision – RME.1)
8. Mike Garrigan (Independent – RME.2)    0:37
9. Parker Bloom (Broad Street Cycles p/b PBR – RME.2)    0:43
10. Aaron Schooler (Focus CX Canada – RME.1)    0:53
11. Matthew Hornland (Mighty Cycling – RME.2)    3:10
12. Jason Valenti (Team NCCH p/b DEC Express – RME.2)    4:35
13. Colton Woods (Trek Store CC – RMU17)    5:08
14. Paul Mysko (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Team – RMU17)    5:10
15. Scott Bentley (Sound Solutions – RMMB.1)    5:22
DNF Bayley Simpson (Team Race Clean)
DNF Matt Staples (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
DNF Chris Niesen (Jam Fund)
DNS Gunnar Holmgren (Garneau-Easton)
DNS Andrew Buzzell (Fitworks)
DNS Dereck Bowen (Novofit-Girardin)
DNS Aaron Kyle (Tekne Cycle Club)
DNS Todd Fairhead (Tekne Cycle Club)

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