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Overijse Kermesse in Belgium – Canada’s Walsh 7th and Jamieson 8th

by pedalmag.com

August 01, 2016 (Belgium) – Edward Walsh led Team RaceClean Canada with a 7th-place finish while teammate Adam Jamieson just behind in 8th at the 113km Overijse Kermesse in Belgium on Sunday. The team is delivering solid results in Europe.


1. Dimitri Peyskens (Bel) Veranclassic – AGO    2:48:15
2. Lennert Teugels (Bel) Profel – United C.T.
3. Folkert Oostra (Ned) West Frisia    0:12
4. Kurt van Goidsenhoven (Bel) Pelter – Van Wezel Cycling Team   0:26
5. Jeroen Eyskens (Bel) Profel – United C.T.
6. Sam van de Mieroop (Bel) Wielerclub Steeds Vooraan V.Z.W.
7. Edward Walsh (Can) Team RaceClean Canada  
8. Adam Jamieson (Can) Team RaceClean Canada    1:02
9. Sven Noels (Bel) VP Consulting-Zannata Cycling Team
10. Kristof Houben (Bel) Individueel    1:23

21. William Elliott (Can) Team Race Clean Canada 3:54
DNF Willem Boersma (Can) Team RaceClean Canada
DNF Aiden Caves (Can) Team RaceClean Canada
DNF Sean Mackinnon (Can) Team RaceClean Canada
DNF Adam Roberge (Can) Team RaceClean Canada
DNF Evan Burtnik (Can) Team RaceClean Canada
DNF Alexander Cowan (Can) Team RaceClean Canada

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