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Orangeville Indoor 4-Cross, BMX, MTB – Rounds 6, 7 – Report and Results

January 7, 2009 (Orangeville, ON) – Rounds 6 and 7 were on a brand new track, somewhat “borrowed” from the NBL Christmas race, but much to the delight of racers big and small. The track featured a simple U in a U-design with the first straight on the inside U and a left hand first turn. Two smaller jumps in the first straight instead of one bigger one worked well for the real little ones to build up the momentum and worked as rhythm for the bigger riders. Even with another winter storm looming, attendance was up on Sunday which made for more great racing action.

Great battles took place in many classes like Aaron Smith and Kyle Sangers riding like pros and trading 16 & Over Expert MTB wins. On the Pro men MTB side, Alex Brancier continued his streak with a win on Saturday. More of the same great racing was had in this class including underdog, Tom Kakamousias who backed up his good shows at rounds 4 and 5 with a big win on Sunday. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I called out Tommy as a guy who could win this stacked class.

On the Pro BMX side, we had a visitor from Australia. Jade Macpherson is in Ontario getting married to his Canadian fiance. Jade was a warm welcome to the Indoor and rode well, but got squeaked out by hotshoe local Greg Bidwell for the transfer to the main. We want to wish Jade and his new bride the very best of luck in the future. Bob Rowley carried on his perfect series roll, while Bob’s older brother Jason traded 2nd and 3rds with Greg and his big welds!

We saw more of the same great race action with other classes as BMX and MTB riders mixed it up to make for some good competition. Saturday’s stacked 7 and under BMXers had an awesome main. All four riders were bangin’ elbows over both jumps down the first straight. Not one little guy would back off, when the dust settled Curtis Krey was down and Sheldon Tryon battled through for the win.

Even the novice classes show steady improvement and good entertainment. As usual anything can happen with the novices and our vendors from Black Pony have a crew racing that is just pure fun. Great to see the riders havin’ such a good time.

On a more serious note, our friend Sterling Evans is going in for surgery before the next races. We are all so proud of Sterling for the way he has handled this difficult situation, so positive and cool about everything. We also want everyone to send their positive energy to Sterling as he deals with the surgery and recovery. Please and thanks.

With only one weekend left and the series ending on January 24-25, be sure to hit up Orangeville before its too late. Check the facebook group “Orangeville Indoor Mountain Bike and BMX” for details, photos, videos and general info. Big thanks to the crew, the OCA and our sponsors, Haro, Kona, Ryders Eyewear and Calder Engineering Ltd. for making this winter fun a reality. C-ya @ the track.


Round 6

7 & Under

1. Sheldon Tryon
2. Colson Bates
3. Justin Rowley
4. Curtis Krey

10-13- MTB-BMX

1. Adam Johnson
2. Owen Visser

13 -14 MTB

1. Anton Urtan
2. Tyler Primeau

16 & Over Novice MTB

1. Morgan Molnar
2. Chris Siren
3. Micheal Baxter

16 & Over MTB

1. Kyle Sangers
2. Aaron Smith
3. Matt Gillies
4. Adam Finlayson

16 & Over Novice BMX
1. Scott Graham
2. Paul Schiavone
3. Glenn Farrugia
4. Reggie Lavoie

30 & Over Cruisers

1. Gary Quill
2. David Frid
3. Mike Pavao

Pro Open

1. Alex Brancier – $45.00
2. Kyle Pearson
3. Greg Bidwell


1. Alex Brancier -$67.50
2. Rob Fraser
3. Jeff Faulds


1. Bob Rowley – $65.00
2. Greg Bidwell – $ 39.00
3. Jason Rowley – $ 26.00
4. Kyle Pearson

Round 7 (Sunday)

5 & 6 Boys & Girls Novice

1. Brianne Dainty
2. Taylor Smith
3. Ashton Evans

6 & 7 Expert

1. Justin Rowley
2. Romyk Soltys
3. Colson Bates

10-12 MTB-BMX

1. Adam Dorey
2. Joshua Seitz
3. Adam Johnson
4. Austin Dorey

11 Novice MTBBMX

1. Kirk Slater
2. James Hedgecock
3. Owen Visser
4. Drake Miles

16 & Over Expert BMX

1. Taylor Rowlands
2. Andrew Gotuaco
3. Jeff Sylvah

15 & Over Am Girls BMX

1. Christine Schiavone
2. Stacey Cassell
3. Stephanie Huiskamp
4. Ashley- Ann Pereira

13-15 – BMX/MTB

1. Morgan Molnar
2. Scott Slater
3. Corey Walsh
4. Anton Urtan

15 & Over Expert MTB

1. Aaron Smith
2. Kyle Sangers
3. Micheal Oosterveld
4. Caleb Glithero

16 & Over Novice MTB

1. Chris Siren
2. Victor Addas
3. Chris Drysdale
4. Micheal Baxter

16 & Over Novice BMX

1. Paul Schiavone
2. Scott Graham
3. Reggie Lavoie
4. Glenn Farrugia

30 & Over Cruisers

1. Matt Dafoe
2. Derek Abram
3. Gary Quill

Pro Open Wheels

1. Greg Bidwell, 20″
2. Brandon Cassell, 26″


1. Tom Kakamousias – $72.00
2. Keith Grant – $54.00
3. Kyle Pearson – $36.00
4. Brandon Cassell – $18.00


1. Bob Rowley – $61.25
2. Greg Bidwell – $ 30.00
3. Jason Rowley – $ 20.00
4. Kyle Pearson

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