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Open Letter to Cycling Canada President John Tolkamp

release by Tripleshot Cycling Club

December 06, 2017 – Dear John, Just wanted to say congratulations to Cycling Canada and its partners and local volunteers on the recent Track World Cup in Milton. I attended 4 of the 5 sessions. It was excellent entertainment, and a testament to our athletes and coaches. It also managed to highlight important sport values. A rare combination.

Track World Cup 2017 CoverThe program was tight, fast moving, and well commentated. The field was deep, 200+, and featured medal winners from many countries and many of the very best in the world. The women’s program equalled the men’s. Their athleticism and spirit of sport was superb right to the last finishers. Hope the protour was watching.

But I also particularly liked touches like the school kids attending on Friday. Their cheers when Canadians came up, and the ‘True Sport’ tattoos on their faces, gave me a lump in my throat, and still do as I write this.

The partnership with the University of Waterloo for the busses, the questionnaire on student attitudes to sport and physical activity, choosing grade 7 and 8 when kids are open to activity options, (which also means it will be different kids every year), was the icing on the cake for me. When (not if!) you do that again next year, make sure video of them is shown on the public days. Reminds us why we do this.

As an unexpected testimonial, my 22 year old son (who surfs and mountain bikes), and agreed to come only as a favour to me, was impressed. He peppered me with questions, and said “it’s way better live than on TV”.

Perhaps a more minor point, but he said the concession menu (zucchini and corn patties with quinoa salad) was “the best stadium food I’ve ever had”. He bought it twice. So bravo too, on offering healthy food options.

Gordon Singleton (82 world champion) said he was very pleasantly surprised; “UCI events never ran on time when I rode”.

Milton’s Michael Foley was impressive in team pursuit, a testament to the velodrome inspiring new talent. Imagine, 19 years old and helping set national records!

As the thank-you video shown at the event (to those behind building the velodrome) said, thanks for making it happen.

Yours in cycling
Lister Farrar
Tripleshot Cycling Club
Victoria BC

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