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Ontario’s Greenbelt Route Officially Launches Aug. 16 – New 475km Cycling Trail

release by the Waterfront Regeneration Trust and the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation

August 13, 2015 (Toronto, Ont.) – One of Canada’s most significant cycling events, the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure (GWTA), is heading to rural Ontario to officially launch the new 475 km Greenbelt Route, Sunday, August 16 in Roseneath, Northumberland.

This year’s special edition of the GWTA will allow participants to be among the first to ride the new Greenbelt Route, which spans seven regions and 27 communities from Northumberland to Niagara. The six-day ride will take participants through some of southern Ontario’s most diverse landscapes, welcoming communities and protected farmland.

GWTA Launch 623A0C0A-1C8D-4308-870B-DCBF91FAD078[18]The 2015 ride has attracted participants of all ages from as many as 50 different cities in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Ohio, New York, Alabama, Maryland, California and Rhode Island. Over the course of the adventure, 200 people, including registrants and special guests, will participate – the majority cycling from beginning to end. The enthusiasm and involvement of the community in this event highlights the benefits of Ontario’s Greenbelt and promotes healthy, active living.

“For the last seven years, the GWTA has helped build the Waterfront Trail’s reputation as a premier cycle tourism destination,” said Marlaine Koehler, Executive Director of the Waterfront Regeneration Trust. “It is fitting that this year, we host a special ride that showcases this new stunning addition to Ontario’s network of long distance cycling trails.”

The Greenbelt Route is the result of a three-year initiative funded by the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and led by the Waterfront Regeneration Trust in collaboration with the 27 communities through which the route runs. The Waterfront Trail and the Greenbelt Route, which are connected at points, provide more than 1000 km of cycling trails, and give locals and tourists access to local attractions, natural landmarks and conservation areas.

“This six-day adventure will increase appreciation for the world’s largest Greenbelt,” said Burkhard Mausberg, CEO, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. “On the 10th Anniversary of Ontario’s Greenbelt, come be the first to experience its plentiful forests, rivers, welcoming towns, and family farms along this exciting cycle tourism attraction.”

The GWTA starts off at the Roseneath Fairgrounds in the Township of Alnwick Haldimand, home of the famous Roseneath carousel, which has been restored to its original museum quality. Participants will be able to ride the popular attraction before setting off on the first leg of the GWTA to Port Hope.

“We are very excited to be hosting the first leg of the 2015 Great Waterfront Trail Adventure,” said John Logel, Mayor of Alnwick Haldimand. “On behalf of our residents, I welcome all of the cycling participants. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in this part of the country while contributing to the growing cycling tourism industry in Ontario.”

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is a proud sponsor of the GWTA and an advocate of cycling safety legislation in Ontario. CAA will be supporting all the cyclists during the GWTA with CAA Bike Assist, a roadside assistance service for cyclists who need help to repair to their bikes on route.

The riders can download the CAA Ontario Bike Assist App that now includes the Greenbelt Route to help them plan their travels, stay in touch with fellow cyclists and access help when needed. For drivers, the CAA Mobile App features Service Tracker, which allows members to track their road side call from the moment it is received to when the service is completed.

“Whether they’re riding a bike or driving a car, the safety of all road users is a priority at CAA,” said Cindy Hillaby, Vice-President of Membership & Automotive Services, CAA South Central Ontario. “That’s why we offer two apps, the CAA Ontario Bike Assist App and the CAA Mobile App, to meet the needs of cyclists and drivers who require roadside assistance services.”

Next year, the GWTA will be riding from Pelee Island to Grand Bend along Lake Erie and Lake Huron.

For more information, please visit www.waterfronttrail.org and www.greenbelt.ca/route.

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