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Ontario University Cup Race #4 Results, Photos

release by the University Cup
Men's A podium (l-r) Schumacher 2nd, McPhaden 1st, Jonker 3rd  ©  courtesy of University Cup
October 03, 2016 (Port Hope, ON) – Yes, there were real turkeys on the race course. Luckily they were kept safe, but only a few U-Cup racers were safe from the Queen’s university mountain bike team. They continued their dominance of the 2016 season and raced to a number of medals. Cameron McPhaden ended his university race days as overall champion in the Men’s “A” Division.

Women's A poium (l-r) Handford 2nd, Burley 1st, Sauder 3rd  ©  courtesy of University Cup
On the woman’s side it was Andrea Burley from the University of Toronto who raced the trails hard and ended up with a gold. She was named the University of Toronto’s Varsity Athlete of the week. This was particularly impressive as she was given the same recognition from Queen’s University when she attended that school as an undergraduate. This was a first for any mountain biker in Canada.

This was the last race of the 2016 University Cup. A full report of overall winners will be posted soon – results and photos below.


Men’s A (Expert)
1. Cameron McPhaden (Queens University)
2. Cole Schumacher (Queens University)
3. Ryan Jonker (Queens University)

Men’s B (Sport)
1. Chad Markham (McMaster University)
2. Peter Fenlon (McMaster University)
3. Mike Weersink (Queens University)

Women’s A (Expert)
1. Andrea Burley (University of Toronto)
2. Emily Handford (Queens University)
3. Allison Sauder (University of Guelph)

Women’s B (Sport)
1. Caroline Wisheart (Queens University)
2. Brooke Jones (Queens University)
3. Tessa Brinklow (University of Toronto)


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