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Ontario MTB Passing Etiquette Rules Strictly Enforced

August 25, 2005 – A disturbing trend has arisen on the Ontario Mountain Bike scene: the issue of rider etiquette as it pertains to passing. This issue has risen particularly in the 10:30 start of the Plastiglas Ontario Cup Series. With many different categories of many different riders of all abilities, we understand the problems of passing/being passed however this is no excuse for poor sportsmanship.

As stated in the CCA Rulebook: A rider must not use offensive or abusive language, act in an antisporting manner, be disrespectful to the officials or ignore the race regulations.

The OCA considers derogatory remarks about the Women’s MTB Racing Scene as
offensive. A rider must act in a polite manner at all times and permit any fast rider to overtake without obstructing.

This rule should be demonstrated by the passer and the passed.

If this behaviour continues, the OCA has instructed its commissaires to thoroughly enforce the rulebook, including fines, DQ’s and suspensions.

To summarise: The faster rider should pass ONLY when it is safe to do so. They should not expecting a slower rider to ride off the trail or stop to let them by. When a safe passing opportunity presents itself the faster rider can then pass, and the other rider should let them pass.

If it is followed everyone will have more fun.

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