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Ontario Masters Race

August 14, 2007 – The Good Year Blimp fly-by must have been an omen foretelling of the spectacular times turned in at Sunday’s OMCA race. The moderate winds made the fairly flat course fast on the way out, but more than a few riders complained about the head winds coming home. Nobody anticipated the times would be as fast as they were!

David Jack made the fastest time of the day, 52:53, winning by a four and a half minute margin over Will Vandenberg at 57:22. Ian Allen was third with 57:27. In fourth place was Ron Vogl with 58:20, and one minute behind him Chris Chambers crossed the line for fifth place, 59:20.

So how good is David Jack’s time really? Mirek Mazur clocked 53:57 on June 3, then over a 41.1 distance on June 23, pro-rated down to 40.0K, recorded 53:58. In that June 23 the winning time, again adjusted down to 40.0K, was 51:50 achieved by Darko Ficko, who once trained with David Jack. That’s the only time faster than David’s 52:53. So the two fastest times so far this year were put down by masters riders and former training partners (or rivals, not sure which).

The women’s fastest time of the day was Tina Mayberry’s for the taking. She turned in a time of 1:08:11. A very good ride by any account but disappointing for Mayberry, who by her own account is capable of 1:04 on this course.

The Masters D went to Roy Conway, of Waterloo, who has a very impressive year going for him. In fine shape and competitive by nature, at age 76 he shows no signs of letting up! In second place was Ted Hogarth with a time of 1:16:07. Hogarth a natural athlete, 8 time time-trial champion and in days gone by a gifted golfer, hails out of Scugog. Thanks to Bill Perkins for driving T.H. to these events.

The Club members’ times will be submitted to the World Masters Time Trial Competition. The Ontario Masters Cycling Championship Races Continue with the next Road Race taking place this Sunday, August 19, at St. Agatha.

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