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Ontario Marathon and Half Marathon Championships – August 14

release by Substance Projects

August 02, 2011 (Mansfield, ON) – Fun and flowing single track epic awaits! The Ontario Marathon and Half Marathon Championships on August 14 is your last chance of 2011 to participate in North America’s only regional endurance mountain bike series.  Choose between the challenge of the 70k full marathon course or the 30k Half-Marathon course with fewer climbs.

Each course continues our “one big lap” format with no repeats. Come for a ride or come for a race you will love the trails.

Covering 4 properties in two counties we have created a course with as few climbs as possible while maintaining long flowing sections of single track. Each property has a different feel. Discover the riding just north of Toronto with out fear of getting lost as the course is marked with over 1000 bright arrows.

This is also the final chance to earn the Apogee Leaders Jerseys for the Women, SS, Men under 40 and Men 40+ in the Marathon Challenge.

The 70k Marathon course features 3 stocked feed/tech zones, and the 30k Half-Marathon features one fully stocked feed/tech zones. Each feed/tech zones has a Topeak Floor Pump, Axiom Tubes for 26″ and 29″ wheels, SuperB multi tools, Finish Line Dry and Wet lube, Hammer Gel and HEED along with water and bananas. No excuses here!

When you are done, grab a burger (or veggie burger) and some salad and relax while you wait for the podium and draw prizes, and make up stories of greatness on the trail!

It is not too late to pre-register and save. You can register on the OCA site HERE, or as many are, you can register at substance projects HERE and pay via INTERAC e-Transfer.

For full race details and registration information, check out www.substanceprojects.com

Come for the ride, stay for the BBQ.

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