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Ontario Cycling Action Fund Launched – Protecting the Roads in Which We Train and Ride

release by the OCA/Waterloo Cycling Club

September 06, 2013 – We are pleased to announce that the Ontario Cycling Association and the Waterloo Cycling Club have teamed up to develop a new not for profit fund focused on protecting cyclists that ride and train under the HTA on the roads of Ontario.

The “Ontario Cycling Action Fund” is designed to bring clarity around cycling and the law in Ontario.  The fund supports specific initiatives such as obtaining legal clarity for group riding policy under the Highway Traffic Act (including paceline and two-abreast); supporting members of cycling clubs charged with HTA and bylaw infractions while riding in legal group formations; and supporting legislative change to laws that make roads safer for cyclists and motorists alike.

“We have seen what hard work has done with Morning Glory Cycling Club taking the lead in the City of Toronto with the help of Karen Stintz. We hope to gain momentum and take the same changes across the province of Ontario to develop consistent by-laws that our membership can be aware of and depend on.” Greg Rawson, OCA Sport Coordinator stated on Friday.

By offering a tax incentive to donations to the program the OCA hopes to raise money towards an ongoing project in cycling advocacy and legislative change. Alain Francq, President of the Waterloo Cycling Club had this to say about the new fund, “Group riding is the cornerstone of all 100 cycling clubs in Ontario.  We train the next generation of cyclists to ride on the roads, many of whom go on to race in sanctioned events across the Province.  Cycling Clubs teach, train and follow the rules of the road.  However, these rules are vague and subject to wide interpretation in practice.  As a result, motorists, police, municipalities and cyclists are left to interpret their meaning and navigate their implementation on the roads, which all too often results in accidents and charges on both sides.  The fund will provide clarity.  Through action.  To seek legal opinions, to support riders who are charged and lost in the case-by-case interpretations of the law, and to bring about legislative change that makes it clear and safe for all road users under the HTA.  The police and municipalities are our allies.  They are very supportive of cycling. The OCA and cycling clubs of Ontario are ready to take a leadership role in making the roads safer for cyclists and motorists.  This fund will allow us to make it happen.”

Both the OCA and the Waterloo Cycling Club will work with other key identified clubs in the province such as the Collingwood Cycling Club and Morning Glory Cycling Club to support riding at the local municipal level and to create a network of experts and advocates.

With other stakeholders, the fund will be used to help introduce and pass provincial legislation is supportive of cycling safely on the roads.  As well, the fund will be used to educate the public and in particular motorists about the safe passing of cyclists and provide the police with educational and enforcement tools to reduce injuries and fatalities on the roads on Ontario.

If you would like to donate to the fund please hit the link found HERE.

To find out more, contact Greg Rawson or Alain Francq for more information.

Read more here.

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