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Ontario Cup DH #1

May 17, 2005 — It rained all night before the race but that didn’t dampen spirits for the first Ontario Cup DH race of the year, in fact we broke the attendance record!!

Congrats to all of you for breaking the O-Cup DH attendance record, the old record was 203, we shattered it with 226!!!!!!!!

From all the feedback I’m glad everyone had a great time, I think the course held together pretty good considering the downpour the night before, lots of people seemed to having a great time and thats what its all about.

It was great to see the muddy faces, twisted bikes, team tents and Kris the MC whuppin it up!

The race saw some light rain fall right before the expert and elite fields which made things a little more slick than it was for the bulk of the field before them and resulted in a few more crashes. But it was two wiley veterans who took the elite fields with Eric Cseff stomping the men and Shela Morris squeeking by for top spot.

Senior Elite men

1. Eric Cseff Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Adobe Milton 1:11.246
2. Peter McLean Sweet Pete`s Weston 1:13.054
3. Brandon Cassell London 1:19.981
4. Robert Bateman Peterborough 1:21.476
5. Peter Appleton Dropmachine.com Burlington 1:22.179

Senior Elite Women

1. Sheila Morris Barrie 1:29.226
2. Michelle Waechter Petersburg 1:29.566
3. Annedore Bock Fly Gurlz Toronto 1:40.575

Junior Expert
1. Derek Cowell Brampton 1:12.917
2. Brian Serneels Kilbride 1:18.056 5.140
3. John French McBride Cycle Toronto 1:21.305

Full results are up at www.sirbikealotracing.com in the news section.

Thanks to all for showing up and supporting our sport. I look forward to seeing you all at the Saugeen 4X race June 4th, if you have never been to a 4X make this race, racing shoulder to shoulder with your buddies is so much fun!! Everyone is guaranteed three heats of racing and there is plenty of practice time in the morning to dial the course in.

I remember last year at the hardwood duel, there were so many people who told me they weren’t sure if they were going to do the race but afterwards they told me they’d never miss it again, so much fun and lots of stories and carnage!!

It wouldn’t be possible to hold these races without the generous support of Cycle Solutions, Norco Bikes, Kenda Tires, Wrex Racing, Dangerboy, Titec, Hoots Gear, Race Technology, Kreater Custom Motorcycles, Fuel Bars, Dropmachine.com and E-13.

Sirbikealot Racing would also like to thank Allan Hawley’s timing crew, the Canadian Ski Patrol and the great staff at Kelso Consevation Area

Peter Appleton
Sirbikealot Racing and Promotions
email- info@sirbikealotracing.com

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