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Ontario-Based Stocks Lock for Sale

release by BTAC/Stocks Manufacturing

June 17, 2009 (Waterford, Ontario) – For approximately 20 years Stocks Manufacturing Inc. has been building and selling the “highest security bicycle lock” in the industry. Their earliest model was featured in Bicycle Retailer in the late 1980s. While the company has attended a number of industry-specific trade shows in Canada, USA, and Europe, limited funds have prevented a campaign with any significant impact in the market place. Stocks Manufacturing Inc., which produces ten SKU’s , has become more of a “hobby” enterprise.

The company has been featured in many publications including the National Post, Urban Bikers’ and several Canadian cycling magazines. During the “Bic pen/cylinder” lock crisis earlier this decade Stocks Lock was featured as the best alternative to other locks by Toronto newspapers! And the company continues to boast only two known, or claimed, thefts!

The owner is about to retire and hopes that the “best flexible U lock” in the world will not retire with him. Some of the “big” manufacturers have tried to clone the Stocks Lock but interest disappeared when they were unable to make the technology work. That technology and “know-how” is available, please contact:

Peter Hexamer, President
Stocks Manufacturing Inc.
22 Robinson Road,
Waterford, Ontario,
Canada, N0E 1Y0

For more information contact peter@stocksmfg.on.ca or visit www.stocksmfg.on.ca.

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