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Olympics 2004 – Men\’s Point Race

August 25, 2004 – With 23 nations represented and 160 laps with a sprint every 10 laps on a 220 metre track, no matter how much you concentrate, in this race, keeping track of the leader is an impossibility. Still, it was obvious that the most aggressive riders were Mikhail Ignatev of Russia, Joan Llaneras of Spain, and Guido Fulst of Germany. They initiated nearly every break and were the workhorses once that break was successful.

Ignatev gained 93 points, Illaneiras placed second with 82 points, and Fulst, who took the most chances and contested the most sprints, finished with the bronze with 79 points. There was only one crash during the fast and furious ride and all three medallists lapped the field three times with Ignatev taking one more lap after the 14th sprint, for four times.

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