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OGC to Launch BMX division

by skitrax.com

May 23, 2014 (Montreal, QC) – Outdoor Gear Canada (OGC) will launch a new BMX-specific division focusing on the industry’s premium brands including WeThePeople, Éclat, Fiend, Federal, Fuse, Merritt, Radio, Salt et Salt Plus. Jeremy Deme, former Sales Manager with BMX distributor Ten Pack Distribution, will be the Division Manager for OGC`s new venture, OGC BMX.

“We’ve taken the same approach with BMX as with everything else OGC has done in its 35-year history; an exclusive focus on the best brands,’’ said Deme. “The brands we’ve chosen give any BMX shop or department the full range of products they need to be successful.’’

OGC BMX will support the BMX scene in Canada with its own BMX team as well as assisting Canadian international team riders such as Dillon Lloyd (Éclat), Greg Henry (Merritt), and Eli Taylor (Merritt). The company will also be involved with dealer and event marketing initiatives.

OGC’s BMX dealers will have access to inventory from both of OGC`s warehouses in Montréal and Vancouver and to all of its other resources including the recently-launched new B2B dealer website. While the official launch will take place with the 2015 season, OGC BMX will have some products available during the 2014 season. “We’ll have order forms ready for dealers in about two weeks,” said Deme.

For more information, please contact:
Jeremy Deme, OGC BMX Division Manager

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