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Off Road To Athens! Wins Best Documentary at Vail Film Festival

August 8, 2006 – The mountain biking documentary film Off Road to Athens has won the prestigious Vail Film Festival Best Documentary award. Sam Chafos, the director of the festival said, “We had over one thousand films submitted to the this year’s festival… I am proud to announce that the winner of Best Documentary was my personal favorite and what I believe is the best of the best, Off Road To Athens!”

This marks the first time an indie cycling film has gone head-to-head with Hollywood budgeted films and come out on top. The company that produced the movie, Gripped Films, is now working on a new project called 24 Solo, which looks at the 2006 racing season of Chris Eatough, who is trying to win his seventh consecutive 24 Hour World Solo Championship.

Off Road To Athens was reviewed along with six other hot videos in Pedal Magazine’s Summer 2006 issue available at newsstands and bike shops across Canada.

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