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October 7, 2002

We apologize – due to a computer glitsch this was not posted earlier

Unofficial – Blaseckie breaks Women's Speed Record!

Battle Mountain, Nevada, was host to the 2002 World Human Powered Speed Challenge. Canadians Sam Whittingham (currently one of the fastest men in the world) and Andrea Blaseckie (current Women's 200m speed record holder) were part of the activities.

Blaseckie reportedly broke the women's speed record with a speed clocked at 60.62mph. Whittingham had five goes at the record attempt however he did not break the 82mph barrier for the $25,000US prize purse.

However he did come close and broke his own record of 80.55mph by reaching 81mph during his last run. Whittingham had some difficulties with the design of his new speed bike. During his 2nd run, clocking 74.689mph, Whittingham reported that his air mask didn't work properly and he didnít remember much of the second half of his 5-mile run up!

Results will be made official shortly – so stay tuned to pedalmag.com news for the official report.

New BC Tax will hit Recreational Goods and BICYCLES!

The Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection, (Joyce Murray) appointed the Recreation Stewardship Panel to make recommendations to improve the management of BC's fish, wildlife and parks recreation services and to allow greater public involvement in decision-making. The Panel submitted a set of draft recommendations to the Minister and the public on September 16th. The public has until October 15th to respond with written submissions that the panel will consider when preparing their final report.

The Minister might have had good intentions when she appointed the panel but she leaves only a one-month period for the public to respond to their draft of recommendations. The draft is 46 pages long and on pages 26 and 32 the panel recommends increased user fees for recreational activity on public lands and a new tax on recreational goods, which includes bicycles. Right now, British Columbians only pay a GST service tax when they purchase recreational products. Now, a PST will be added to their costs if the recommendations are accepted.

The Bicycle Trade Association of Canada (BTAC) reviewed the draft and issued a press release
regarding the new recommendations. Reacting to the recent report issued by the provincial panel, BTAC Executive Director Janet OíConnell said, “We oppose the idea that recreational activities like riding a bike be subject to tobacco-style taxes simply because people want to enjoy the great outdoors”.

What can you do?

The draft is available at the panel's website, www.praxis.ca/recpanel and you can submit your opinion on the proposals. You have until October 15th to respond against the new tax proposal and anything else you disagree with in the draft. Written submissions will be accepted by fax, email and mail. A toll-free line is also available at 1-877-882-1284 or for local Vancouver dwellers, 604-980-8250.

SIMBS awarded “Citizen Group of the Year”

SIMBS is the South Island Mountain Bike Society, a not-for-profit society that caters to
any mountain bike enthusiast in the south end of Vancouver Island. They focus on promoting environmentally sound and socially responsible mountain biking, coordinating and training volunteers to build and maintain trails, and working to get more trails open for mountain biking. The society is based near Victoria and is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Hartland/Mt. Work Park, 45 minutes outside of Victoria.

Because of the work that SIMBS does in the park an employee at Capital Regional District (CRD) Parks and Recreation issued a nomination for the Society for Citizen Group of the Year. In September the International Northwest Parks and Recreation Association (INPRA) gave the award to SIMBS.

SIMBS had arranged a licensing agreement with the park which insists that they manage the parks to IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) standards, have insurance for their members, the society and CRD, and that they remain a not-for-profit society. The society has a board of directors that consists of 14 members and a membership of over 200 cyclists.

The park is over 400 acres of forested area. Besides building new trails SIMBS has built up a technical training area for riders who are into dirt jumps, skinny log rides and teeter-totter stunts. They are constantly issuing new trail proposals and maintaining old trails. Last year's stats say that over 60,000 people used the park last year. Club president, Lorien Arnold, figures that that number is sitting around 80,000 for 2002.

The society also organizes rides, races, benefits, and movie nights at pubs. Check them out at www.simbs.com or contact SIMBS at info@simbs.com

Upcoming Events
Cycling BC General AGM
All Cycling BC members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on October 20th. The meeting will be at #106-1367 West Broadway in Vancouver from 10am to 12noon. Check the www.cycling.bc.ca website for more information.

Victoria Mountain Bike Film Festival
Hosted by Robin Coupe, the Victoria Mountain Bike Film Festival will be hosting movies all weekend long (October 25-27th). On the schedule will be the first Victoria screening of New World Disorder III, Freewheel Burning, at Sugar Night Club on the Friday night. During the weekend films and demos of Trials rider Ryan Leech, will be held at the David Lam Auditorium at UVIC. For mo' info go to www.ridevictoria.com.

Whistler Huck Fest
Whistler Mountain Bike Park will be open for its last weekend this year during Thanksgiving. Saturday's events include day long riding, a Junk Bike War from 2-4pm and two screenings of the Whistler premiere of New World Disorder III: Freewheel Burning in the evening. WORCA (Whistler Off Road Cycling Association) will be hosting the Max Vert Enduro on Sunday. The park closes at 5pm on October 13. WORCA Contact Paddy Kaye about the Junk Bike Wars at pksports@whistler.bc.net and WORCA at www.worca.com.

Screenings of New World Disorder III: Freewheel Burning.
If you missed the World Premier of New World Disorder III, Freewheel Burning in Vegas on Oct. 7, you can still catch it at the following places: Vancouver (October 10th, presented by Bush Pilot Biking and Cove Bikes, at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver, two screenings at 7pm and 10pm, for more info contact jsmoke@telus.net or 604-803-4766 in North Van). Calgary (October 10th, Canada Olympic Park, $5.00 for tickets, 6:30pm show and a 8:00pm show, call 247-5452 for tickets or buy at the door) and Victoria at the Victoria Film Festival, October 25-27th see above news or www.ridevictoria.com for info.

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