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OCA Seminar Day – November 19th

October 19, 2005 – The OCA is hosting a series of seminars this fall in an effort to support the growth and future direction of cycling in Ontario. These seminars on November 19th are sponsored in part by the Ontario Trillium foundation, which sees the needs for strong, self-sustaining events and grass roots development in the province.

To start off the day, Doug Detwiller, the inventor of Sprockids will share his experiences about the program and how to attract youth to cycling. His enthusiasm for the sport has taken a simple idea and created a program that attracts young people of all ages. Sprockids has grown in the last 15 years and now is present in 15 countries around the world. It’s a great program for youth camps, retailers, recreation centres, clubs and schools.

USA MTB Hall of Fame member and IEG seminar professional speaker, Laird Knight will speak on “˜winning event sponsorships.’ Laird has over 23 years experience as mountain bike race organizer and his company, Granny Gear Productions, has earned a name in the industry for most innovative and successful event organizer. In 2001, Laird became West Virginia’s Tourism Person of the year and in 2002 was inducted in the USA Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.

Our third speaker, Chuck Hodge will discuss the intricacies of organizing road races. He will touch on all aspects of event organization as he has seen all sides of it — as an athlete, an organizer, technical director and commissaire. Examples will be taken from small event organizing all the way up to large event organizing — e.g. Tour de Georgia, one of the largest road races of North America.

Don’t miss out on the seminars. Call the OCA office today and book your seats — limited space available: 416.426.7416 www.ontariocycling.org

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