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OCA Organizer Mentorship Program — Mountain Bike

February 13, 2006 – In an effort to develop organizers and give them valuable experience, the OCA is initiating a mentorship program.

With guidance from some of the best XC organizers in the country, the mentoree will organize the 2006 Ontario Cup short track series. This series will consist of four events with stops at Hardwood Hills (June 3), Elliot Lake (July 29) and Kelso (September 16). The fourth stop (location and date) will be at the mentoree’s discretion (with OCA approval).

The mentors will provide certain equipment (i.e. stakes, tools, venue, results board, signage, etc) as well as guidance. Integration with the XC event the following day may also be part of the mentorship.

The mentoree will provide the rest of the equipment for the event. (i.e. registration, entry fees, timing, volunteers, course tape, etc”¦ – essentially the consumables).

The mentoree is 100% responsible for the series thus he/she will be responsible for the profit/loss of the events.

Any interested people, or for more details regarding the mentorship program, please contact Jeremey Ludwig, Events Coordinator: events@ontariocycling.org (416) 426-7241

Closing date is February 28th, 2006

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