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OCA Membership / License Application Update

April 14, 2006 – Dear OCA members,

We have had several urgent calls in the past 48 hours to determine the status of membership processing. Please note that there have been an unprecedented number of license applications received in the past two weeks and we are working as hard as possible to turn them around within a week. In the “Guide to completing your OCA membership” it states:

“Please allow 2 — 3 weeks for processing. Much longer for incomplete applications! INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE RETURNED UNPROCESSED”

While we are way ahead of the promised 2-3 week turnaround, please be advised that memberships received this week will not be processed in time for the Good Friday & Mosport events. We will process all completed memberships received by last Friday (April 7th) and bring them to the events for pick up. Any “Rush Processing” memberships received by today (April 12) will be processed in time for this weekend’s events.

Note 1. You can still compete this weekend on a one-day license. (Excluding Senior 1-2) Note 2. Many members are not sending in their waiver forms to complete the membership process. As it states on the website, we are still required by law to have signed waiver forms. Failure to send in waivers will significantly delay your membership processing.

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