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OCA Board of Director and High Performance Committee Nominees

February 27, 2006 – The OCA has received two nominees for the position of Vice-President Development. Matthias Schmidt is running for re-election and Fred Seeman has also been nominated. The VP BMX position will be acclaimed. Sue Morrow, who served on the Board for the past year, has been nominated.

The VP Finance and Administration position will be acclaimed. Aaron Hershoff, who has served for the past two years, has been nominated for another term.

On the High Performance Committee, there are several people who have been nominated making for an interesting vote on Saturday. The voting for these positions will take place immediately following the AGM.

Note: Proxies (voting rights transferred to another member in good standing who is unable to attend the meeting) will be accepted for the OCA Board of Director and the High Performance Committee voting. Proxy forms were mailed out in each member’s AGM notice and will be available at the Bike Show. Proxies must be signed by OCA members in good standing for 2006.

Road and Track member at large nominees:
1 Brandon Crichton
2 Chris Helwig

Mountain Bike member at large nominees:
1 John Holman
2 Richard Fletcher
3 Cam Eades

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