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Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses Launched in Collaboration with Mark Cavendish

release by Oakley
Mark Cavendish  ©  Oakley
April 16, 2015 – The idea of Jawbreaker was inspired by professional cyclist, Mark Cavendish. Whether it’s measuring his own wattage output, pinpointing his drag coefficiency in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel, or adjusting his seat position by a fraction of a millimeter, he leaves nothing to chance in his preparation. This obsession led to a unique collaboration with Oakley. His challenge was to design an “armor for speed.” And after more than 100 design iterations, 9,600 hours of lab and field testing, 27 eyewear components and two years in the making, Jawbreaker™ is born.

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Oakley Jawbreaker  ©  Oakley

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