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Oak Bay Bike Wheelers TT #2 Results

August 24, 2007 – Three the first night, now eight, next week, fifteen? Heck, we could have forty plus by next spring. That’s how the Midweek CC events grew and they now have over 200 riders turning out some weeks. Free entry for all under 18 riders.

The course is a rolling one, running mostly uphill to the turn, so the return 8km is much faster. Once the top riders come out to the event, sub-22 minute times are likely. Thanks to Bernie Kenny (turn marshall) and to Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo, for their support. Next event on this safe, sheltered course is next Thursday, August 30th. Start time 6pm.

For further information, e-mail: pakamac@gmail.com

16km Individual Time Trial # 2 – August 23, 2007
Nanaimo River Road, Nanaimo

1. Bill Sevcov MC 23′ 25″
2. Menno Jonsma MA 23′ 37″
3. David Steen MB 25′ 17″
4. Bill Hutchinson MD 27′ 07″
5. Dave Kenny MD 27′ 11″
6. Wayne Haju MA 28′ 12″
7. Glenda Harling WMA 28′ 27″
8. Curran Jonsma 10 yrs 41′ 40″

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