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Nyhaug and Walsh Defend Time Trial Titles @ 2015 Canadian BMX Championship

release by Cycling Canada

July 04, 2015 (Drummondville, QC) – The 2015 Canadian BMX Championships kicked off in Drummondville, QC at the stunning BMX Drummond track. The first day of racing began with the Time Trial SuperFinals, and the two reigning Canadian Champions successfully defended their Time Trial titles with imposing victories.

These championships are held for the second consecutive year in the touristic area of Centre-du-Québec. This year’s championships are part of Drummondville’s 200th-anniversary celebrations.

Tory Nyhaug of Coquitlam, BC completed the track featuring the three banked turns and four straightaways with a time of 33.000s to earn his ninth Canadian Elite title, undefeated at Canadian Championships since turning Elite in 2011. Jimmy Brown (Airdrie BMX) posted the second fastest time of 33.545 for the silver medal while James Palmer (Team BC) took third with a time of 33.982s.

In the tightly contested junior men category, two-time Challenge World Champion Alex Tougas (Team BC) earned his career first Red and White jersey, winning the Superfinals with a time of 33.475s. Local rider Gaby Malenfant (BMX Drummond), who was announced earlier this week as the first Quebec BMXer to compete at World Championships, finished in second place, while Deven Kawa (Alberta Bicycle) took third place.

Amelia Walsh of Ayr, ON (GT Bicycles) was the fastest of the elite women field, earning the top place with a time of 39.154s. Chelsea Kingston (Medicine Hat BMX) finished second while Erin Kinnie (Team BC) placed third.

Daina Tuchscherer (Alberta Bicycle) easily won the junior women category with a time of 39.482s, close to 2.5s over Mégane Bélanger (Team Quebec) and 3.8s over Brianne Vanderkuip (Alberta Bicycle) in the third place.

The BMX Championships motos will take place Saturday, and the Canada Cup BMX series will be featured on Sunday.

Nyhaug, Walsh, Brown, and Tuchscherer will race for Canada next weekend at the upcoming Pan-American Games.


1. Amelia WALSH (GT Bicycles) 39.154
2. Chelsea KINGSTON (Medicine Hat BMX) 1.664
3. Erin KINNIE (Team BC) 4.820

1. Tory NYHAUG (Team BC) 33.000
2. James BROWN (Airdrie BMX) 0.545
3. James PALMER (Team BC) 0.928

1. Daina TUCHSCHERER (Alberta Bicycle) 39.482
2. Mégane BÉLANGER (Team Quebec) 2.494
3. Brianne VANDERKUIP (Alberta Bicycle) 3.810

1. Alex TOUGAS (Team BC) 33.475
2. Gaby MALENFANT (BMX Drummond) 0.759
3. Deven KAWA (Alberta Bicycle) 1.653

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