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Numainville and Gee Win 2017 Preston Street Titles – Report, Results, Photos

release by Bike Race Ottawa

June 19, 2017 (Ottawa, ON) – More than 200 bike racers took to the streets of Ottawa’s Little Italy Sunday for the 45th edition of the Preston Street Criterium sponsored by eQ Homes and the Preston Street BIA. Racing included age-class events for riders aged 6 to 60, capped off with the with feature elite women’s and elite men’s races.

Numainville just behind Sara Giovannetti with Ashley Barson far left  ©  Robert Roaldi
In the elite women’s event, with defending champion Ariane Bonhomme competing out of town, the clear favourite was 2015 winner Joëlle Numainville (Cylance Pro Cycling). The 29-year-old professional from Montreal made a last-minute decision to drive to Ottawa to vie for the $1,000 first prize, as well as getting a final tuneup before the Canadian Championships, to be held in Ottawa next weekend.

Miriam Brouwer (Rise Racing) was the first rider to launch hostilities, taking off solo on the fourth lap. Six laps later, four riders bridged across: Numainville, Sara Giovanetti (The Cyclery-4iiii), Karlee Gendron (Rise Racing) and Simone Boilard (Desjardins Ford).

The five riders worked well enough together in the blustery conditions to extend their lead to over a minute by lap 19, when Brouwer launched another attack. She was quickly brought back, but the acceleration meant the break was on the point of lapping the field at the same time as the skies opened up with a short but heavy rain shower.

The slick conditions soon claimed a victim as Giovanetti slid out in one of the rain-soaked corners; she quickly got back in the race but as the break caught the peloton Giovanetti was struggling in the corners and was dropped after a series of attacks lifted the pace.

With five laps to go, Rise Racing put one of their lapped riders on the front to discourage attacks and attempt to foil Numainville, but she was simply too strong in the final sprint and won by a bike length from Gendron and Boilard.

“I knew my form was really good coming into this race so I was confident I would win,” said Numainville, who has spent most of the season competing on the European professional circuit.

Men's podium  ©
The roads were completely dry for the elite men’s race thanks to gusting winds and a temperature of 28C, making for very muggy conditions.

The field was stacked with favourites, including three former winners: 2016 champ Anton Varabei (Toronto Hustle); 2009 and 2013 winner Derrick St. John (Ride With Rendall); and 2008 winner Osmond Bakker (The Bandits Cycling Team).

The pace from the gun was as hot as the weather, with a continuous series of breakaways that were unable to gain more than 10 seconds on the main field for the first half-hour of racing. Among the most active riders in the early running were William Goodfellow (Veloselect) and Varabei, but Ed Veal (RealDeal Racing), Derek Gee (Team RaceClean) and St. John were all keeping a close eye on things.

Finally, after 20 laps a group of four eked out a 15-second advantage: Goodfellow, St. John, Mark Brouwer (Ascent Cycling) and Kyle Boorsma (Ascent Cycling). They were soon joined by Gee, Stephen Keeping (Transports Lacombe/DeVinci), Yuri Hrycaj (Toronto Hustle) and Mike Little (Ascent Cycling) to form a group of eight that hovered 10 to 15 seconds ahead of the field.

But the chasers did not give them much leeway, and a big reshuffle happened 10 laps later. From the chaos another break emerged, made up of Varabei, Brouwer, Max Rubarth (Transports Lacombe/DeVinci), St. John, Gee, Benoit Boulay (Toronto Hustle) and Goodfellow. The break did not work well together and didn’t gain more than 30 seconds on the field until Gee launched an attack with six laps to go.

Gee, 19, hails from Osgoode just outside Ottawa and is a member of Canada’s men’s team pursuit program that won a track cycling world cup earlier this year. This effort was tailor made for him and he put his head down and poured everything into his six-kilometre race for the line, taking time out of the chasers each lap and winning solo 15 seconds ahead of Varabei, who outsprinted St. John for second.

“I made the attack on instinct,” said a delighted Gee after the finish. “I didn’t know if I could stay away — I was racing scared all the way to the line.”

Bike Race Ottawa would like to thank the sponsors and volunteers who made this event possible. The Preston Street Criterium will be back in 2018 on its traditional Father’s Day date: June 17.

Preston Street Criterium photos by Robert Roaldi here.


Master 3, Elite 4 & U17 Men 36 km avg. speed 40.8 kph
1. Zola Mehlomakulu (Ind. – RME.4) 52:57
2. Dylan Bibic (Midweek Cycling Club – RMU17) 0:16
3. Michel Ostiguy (Vcom/cycle St-laurent – RMM.3) 0:20
4. Cody Mckay (Tekne Cycle Club – RME.4)
5. Jesse Manner (Wheelers – RME.4)
6. Michel Demers (DAC Jet-Stelvio – RMM.3)
7. Ronald Ross (613 Cycling – RMM.3)
8. Bryan Reyes (Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club – RME.4) 0:40
9. John Corpuz (613 Cycling – RME.4)
10. Daniel Horn (Ind. – RME.4)
11. Damien Vialaret (Van Dessel p/b Hyperthreads – RMU17) :52
12. Justin Goulding (613 Cycling – RME.4) 1:03
13. Sarabraj Singh (LapDogs Cycling Club – RME.4) 1:15
14. Thomas Hodgins (Bikes On wheels – RME.4)
15. James Brooks (Tekne Cycle Club – RMM.3) 1:29
16. Siavash Atighetchi (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.3) 1:56
17. Mark Hiscocks (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team – RMM.3) 2:00
DNF Steve Grujic (Ciclowerks – Smile Tiger C.R. – RMM.3)
DNF Cory Reggentin (Cornwall Cycle Club – RMM.3)
DNF Tristan Barr (Cyclelogik Racing – RMM.3)
DNF Stuart Theron (Gearheads – RME.4)
DNF Benjamin Harrington (Ottawa Bicycle Club – RMU17)
DNF Marcus Davies (Ottawa Bicycle Club – RMM.3)
DNF Tim O’Connor (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.3)
DNF Paul Allen (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.3)
DNF Eric Larson (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.3)
DNF Kevin Gibson (Waterloo Cycling Club – RME.4)
NP Doug Holt (613 Cycling – RMM.3)
NP Brett Stoppa (ECG – RMU17)
NP Simon Plenderleith (Ind. – RME.4)
NP Nicholas Dehler (Ind. – RME.4)
NP Juan Larios (LapDogs Cycling Club – RME.4)
NP Matthew Hogan (Midweek Cycling Club – RMU17)
NP Radek Bonk (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.3)
NP David Jones (Tekne Cycle Club – RMM.3)
NP Colin Belanger (ERTC – RMM.3)
NP Tony Campbell (The Cyclery – RMM.3)
DNS Vincent Belanger (Ind. – RMM.3)

Master 2, Elite 3 & Junior Men 37 km avg. speed 41.9 kph
1. Tristan Guillemette (Desjardins Ford – RMJ) 52:56
2. John Stuart (Equipe cycliste de Gatineau – RMJ)
3. Bill Hurley (The Cyclery – RMM.2)
4. Jackson Vandewouw (Tekne Cycle Club – RME.3)
5. Andrew Jonker (Ind. – RME.3)
6. Robert Orange (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.2)
7. Thomas Pevalin (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC – RMJ)
8. Enrico Traini (Kallisto-FCV p/b Peloton Contracting – RME.3)
9. Sebastien Riopel (VCOM Cycles St-Laurent – RMM.2)
10. Ian Dalling (Cyclery Racing – RMM.2)
11. Brad Martel (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.2)
12. Ryan Jonker (Ind. – RME.3)
13. Zachary Konings (CoachChris.ca/Joe Rousseau/Garneau – RME.3)
14. William Vermette (Desjardins Ford – RMJ)
15. Anthony Kocsis (VCOM Cycles St-Laurent – RMM.2)
16. Cyril Jan Hoferica (Midweek Cycling Club – RMJ)
17. Jay Lambert (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team – RMM.2)
18. Arthur Jedson Tommy (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.2)
19. Christian Voyer (Ride with Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.2)
20. Charles-Antoine Forest-Leblanc (Desjardins Ford – RMJ)
21. Chris Kirk (Ind. – RMM.2) 0:09
22. Guillaume Lafleur (ECG / Polo Velo – Norco – RME.3) 0:12
23. Gabriel Marceau (Desjardins Ford – RMJ) 0:22
24. Zoltan Liptak (Ind. – RME.2)
25. Clay Moon (Equipe cycliste de Gatineau – RMJ) 0:26
26. Rodrigo Diaz (Euro-Sports – RMM.2)
27. Mathyeu Larocque (Equipe cycliste de Gatineau – RME.3)
28. James White (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.2) 0:34
29. Patrick Pelda (West of Quebec Wheelers – RMM.2) 0:36
30. Elgar Vaivars (Ciclowerks – Smile Tiger C.R. – RMM.2)
31. Carson Miles (ECG – Eurosports – RMJ) 0:55
32. Felix Pelletier (Desjardins Ford – RMJ) 1:28
33. Alexis Rochette (Desjardins Ford – RMJ) 1:33
DNF Simon Bissonnette (Club Cycliste Universite de Montreal – RME.3)
DNF Dale Danner (Cyclery Racing – RMM.2)
DNF Jeremie Ranger (Equipe cycliste de Gatineau – RMJ)
DNF Mathieu Tremblay-Gravel (Equipe cycliste de Gatineau – RME.3)
DNF William Trischuk (Kallisto-FCV p/b Peloton Contracting – RMM.2)
DNF Jeff Johnston (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team – RMM.2)
DNF Matthew Dickson (Ottawa Bicycle Club – RMJ)
DNF Andy Wilson (Tekne Cycle Club – RMM.2)
DNF Dustin King (The Bandits Cycling Team – RME.3)
NP Andrew Olive (euro-sports – RMM.2)
NP Gabriel Song (Ottawa Bicycle Club – RMJ)
NP Mark Sherboneau (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RMM.2)
NP Ben Baker (Toronto Hustle – RME.3)
NP James Brooks (West of Quebec Wheelers – RMM.2)
DNS Michael Fawcett (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team – RME.3)
DNS Nicholas Bundza (Tekne Cycle Club – RMM.2)

Elite, Master & Junior Women 43 km avg. speed 38.1 kph
1. Joelle Numainville (Cyclance Pro Racing – RWE.1) 1:07:43
2. Karlee Gendron (Rise Racing – RWE.1)
3. Simone Boilard (Desjardins Ford – RWJ)
4. Miriam Brouwer (Rise Racing – RWE.1)
5. Sara Giovannetti (The Cyclery-4iiii – RWE.1)
6. Sophie Bernard (The Cyclery-4iiii – RWE.1) 0:55
7. Luce Bourbeau (Ind. – RWE.1) -1 lap
8. Olivia Baril (Desjardins Ford – RWE.1) -1 lap
9. Allyson Gillard (Desjardins Ford – RWE.1) -1 lap
10. Elizabeth Archbold (Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club – RWJ) -1 lap
11. Ashley Barson (Rise Racing – RWE.1) -1 lap
12. Sophie Gattuso (DAC Jet-Stelvio – RWMA) -1 lap
13. Isabelle Mayrand (Ind. – RWE.1) -1 lap
14. Dafne Theroux-Izquierdo (Desjardins Ford – RWE.1) -1 lap
15. Jill Messier (West of Quebec Wheelers – RWE.3) -2 laps
16. Corinne Helbig (Ma Bicyclette – RWE.2) -2 laps
17. Marie-Renee Vial (Cycle Velo Outaouais – RWE.1) -3 laps
18. Karen Grujic (Ciclowerks/Smile Tiger C.R – RWMA) -3 laps
19. Kendra Howard (Midweek Cycling Club – RWE.3) -4 laps
20. Heather Tkalec (Euro-Sports – RWMB) -4 laps
21. Angela Beauchamp (Euro-Sports – RWMB) -5 laps
22. Dominique Gervais (Ottawa Bicycle Club – RWU17) -6 laps
NP Meghan Grant (Ind. – RWE.1)

Elite 1,2 & Master 1 Men 59 km avg. speed 43.2 kph
1. Derek Gee (Team Race Clean – RME.1) 1:22:02
2. Anton Varabei (Toronto Hustle – RME.1) 0:32
3. Derrick St John (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RME.1)
4. Max Rubarth (Equipe Transports Lacombe/Devinci – RME.1)
5. William Goodfellow (Veloselect – RME.1)
6. Mark Brouwer (Ascent Cycling – RME.1)
7. Trevor O’Donnell (Toronto Hustle – RME.1) 0:49
8. Michael Dalterio (Veloselect – RME.1) 0:51
9. Niles Vaivars (Ciclowerks – Smile Tiger C.R. – RME.2)
10. Timothy Austen (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RME.1)
11. Antoine Fabry (Omnipod-The PACK – RME.1)
12. Alexandre Latil (Veloselect – RME.1)
13. Stephen Keeping (Transports Lacombe/ Devinci – RME.1)
14. Matt Surch (Tekne Cycle Club – RMM.1)
15. Dominic Cantin (LowestRates.ca – RME.1)
16. Mike Nash (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RME.2)
17. Brad Bradford (Toronto Hustle – RME.1) 0:57
18. Christian Gomes (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RME.2) 1:03
19. Adam Lefebvre (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC – RME.1)
20. Simon Fothergill (Ascent Cycling – RME.2)
21. Doug Van Den Ham (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team – RME.2)
22. Jason Valenti (Team NCCH p/b DEC Express – RME.2)
23. Christian Ricci (B1 Evo Cycling – RME.1)
24. Jacques Cormier (Midweek Cycling Club – RME.2)
25. Keith Brouillette (Ascent Cycling – RME.2) 1:11
26. Marc Boudreau (Cyclery Racing – RME.2)
27. Nicolas Cote (1 BIKE – RME.1)
28. Mike Little (Ascent Cycling – RME.2)
29. Derek O’Farrell (Tekne Cycle Club – RME.2)
30. Christian Bernard (Tekne Cycle Club – RME.2)
31. Ed Veal (RealDeal Racing – RME.1)
32. David Lewis (NCCH Elite p/b MGCC – RME.1)
33. Guillaume Walsh (Veloselect – RME.1)
34. Osmond Bakker (The Bandits Cycling Team – RME.1) 1:15
35. Jesse Jarjour (613 Cycling – RME.2)
36. Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RME.1) 1:22
37. Warren Macdonald (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team – RME.1)
38. Jean Sebastien Perron (The Cyclery – RME.1) 1:39
39. Kyle Boorsma (Toronto Hustle – RME.1) 1:45
40. Benoit Boulay (Toronto Hustle – RME.1)
DNF Paul Tremblay (Ind. – RME.1)
DNF Scott Laliberte (La Bicicletta Cycling Club – RMM.1)
DNF Warren Shiau (Midweek Cycling Club – RME.2)
DNF Daniel Rae (NCCH p/b MGCC – RME.1)
DNF Jonathan Lewis (NCCH Elite p/b MGCC – RME.1)
DNF Bruno Labelle (Omnipod-thePACK – RME.1)
DNF Timothy Burton (RealDeal Racing – RME.2)
DNF Marc Hunt (Tekne Cycle Club – RMM.1)
DNF James Mcguire (Tekne Cycle Club – RMM.1)
DNF David Gruber (Tekne Cycle Club – RME.1)
DNF Shawn Clarke (The Bandits Cycling Team – RME.2)
DNF Mark Van Doormaal (To Wheels Epic Sports Performance – RME.2)
DNF Laurent Levasseur (Veloselect – RME.1)
DNF Richard Bergeron (Omnipod-The PACK – RME.1)
DNF Sam Carmel (Omnipod-The PACK – RME.1)
DNF Scott Elliott (Midweek Cycling Club – RME.2)
NP Christopher Gill (Ma Bicyclette – RME.1)
NP Jim Tsilemos (Ride With Rendall P/B Biemme – RME.1)
NP Andrew Lees (The Bandits Cycling Team – RME.1)
NP Yuri Hrycaj (Toronto Hustle – RME.1)
NP Marc Allard (Ind. – RME.1)
DNS Ian Manning (Ind. – RME.1)
DNS Adam Pugh (Peloton Racing p/b Northern Backup – RME.2)

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