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North America BMX Round #3

September 16, 2007 (Ridge Meadows, BC) – Here are the results from the North America BMX Round #3 of the 2007-2008 North American Continental series held on September 15, 2007 at Ridge Meadows, BC.

Junior Female
1. Nicole Woodrow (USA)
2. Megan Frew (Can)
3. Brookelyn Wilkinson (Can)
4. Jocelyn Rutko (Can)
5. Michilla Negenman (Can)
6. Lisa Matzelle (Can)
7. Amanda Lavorato (Can)

Junior Male
1. Douglas Hayes (USA)
2. Michael Irwin (Can)
3. Alexander Sailer (Can)
4. Brian Martel (Can)
5. Jeffrey Jacobsen (Can)
6. Cameron Murphy (Can)
7. Karsten Millman (Can)
Greg Kuszak (Can)
Sam Leuck (Can)

Elite Female
1. Samantha Cools (Can)
2. Amanda Geving (USA)
3. Arielle Martin (USA)
4. Stephanie Barragan (USA)
5. Kaila Sweeney (Can)
6. Kim Hayashi (USA)
7. Toni Rude (USA)
8. Cassie Bushnell (USA)
Danielle Brisson (Can)
Rachel Smith (USA)
Layne Nyhaug (Can)
Christine Miller (Can)
Rosemary Adams (Can)
Lori Smith (Can)
Leslie Slagle (USA)

Elite Male
1. Kyle Bennett (USA)
2. Donny Robinson (USA)
3. Steve Cisar (USA)
4. Randy Stumpfhauser (USA)
5. Matt Pohlkamp (USA)
6. Tyler Brown (USA)
7. Mike Day (USA)
8. Daniel Caluag (USA)
Kevin Hill (Can)
Robert Dewilde (Ned)
Jim Brown (Can)
Patrick Lebel (Can)
Brandon Meadows (USA)
Jonathan Land (Can)
Joey Bradford (USA)
Nick Goertzen (Can)
Yvan Lapraz (Sui)
Mischa Partridge (Can)
Jason Rogers (USA)
Adam Muys (Can)

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