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NORBA XC #4 — Short Track Men\’s Report

July 9, 2006 (Deer Valley, UT) — Geoff Kabush (CAN, Maxxis) won another NORBA short track race, a day after placing second in the men’s race of the US National Series cross country race at Deer Valley, Utah. Kabush’s strong performances this weekend are good indicators that he is on form and ready to defend his Canadian National MTB Champion title next weekend in Kamploops, B.C. Kabush bettered his competition by 15 seconds in the high-paced tactical race that required riders to burn around a short course many times in just over 20 minutes. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA, Subaru-Gary Fisher) pulled into second spot, followed by Barry Wicks (USA, Kona-Les Gets) in third.

The other Canadians competing in the event were lapped. Mathieu Toulouse (CAN, Maxxis), Ricky Federau (CAN, Team R.A.C.E.) and Kris Sneddon (CAN, Kona-Les Gets) finished 10th, 18th and 26th respectively.


1. Geoff Kabush (CAN, Maxxis) 23:42
2. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA, Subaru-Gary Fisher) 0:15
3. Barry Wicks (USA, Kona-Les Gets) 0:27
4. Ross Schnell (USA, Trek-VW) 0:28
5. Clinton Avery (NZL, New Zealand Natl Team) 0:30
6. Adam Craig (USA, Giant) 0:50
7. Sam Schultz (USA, U23 National Team) 0:59
8. Alan Obye (USA, SRAM) 1:25
9. Cody Peterson (USA, 3D Racing-SRAM-LFP&Co) Lapped
10. Mathieu Toulouse (CAN, Maxxis) Lapped

18. Ricky Federau (CAN, Team R.A.C.E.) Lapped
26. Kris Sneddon (CAN, Kona-Les Gets) Lapped

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