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NORBA #6 – Mountain Cross

August 3, 2004 – Canada’s Michelle Dumaresq (Santa Cruz) put herself on the podium when she finished third in the women’s mountain cross event. The new course was a tough one and it weeded out several favourites, such as Brian Lopes (USA, GT) and Marla Streb (USA, Luna Women’s Team). The first corner seemed to be the key, as most often the first person into it was the first across the finish line.

In the men’s final, Eric Carter (USA, Mongoose/Hyundai) got the holeshot and never looked back. Nathan Rennie (AUS, Santa Cruz Syndicate) claimed second place, while Rich Houseman (USA) took third.

In the women’s final, Jill Kintener (USA, Yeti), leader of the women’s mountain cross series, tightened her grasp on the series when she gunned it through the first corner in front and won the Idaho event. Melissa Buhl (USA, KHS) ripped into second place, just ahead of Dumaresq.

1. Eric Carter (Mongoose/Hyundai)
2. Nathan Rennie (AUS, Santa Cruz Syndicate)
3. Rich Houseman (USA)
4. Ross Milan (USA)
5. Jared Graves (AUS)

1. Jill Kintner (USA, Yeti)
2. Melissa Buhl (USA, KHS)
3. Michelle Dumaresque (CAN, Santa Cruz)
4. Leana Gerrard (USA)
5. Tara Llanes (USA, Giant)

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