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NORBA #6 – Brian Head, Utah – XC, Dual Slalom, Super D

August 6, 2006 (Brian Head, Utah) — Husband and wife teammates Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Boulder, Colo. / Subaru-Gary Fisher) and Heather Irmiger (Boulder, Colo. / Subaru-Gary Fisher) won the men’s and women’s pro cross-country titles Saturday at the National Mountain Bike Series #6 race in Brian Head, Utah.

The pair claimed first-place finishes at this race in 2005 when Irmiger picked up her first career NMBS win. Irmiger completed the single, 28-mile loop in two hours, one minute and 57.05 seconds. Luna teammates Katerina Nash (CZE) and Shonny Vanlandingham (Durango, Colo.) finished second and third respectively. Newly-crowned national champion Georgia Gould (Ketchum, Idaho / Luna) rounded out the podium in fifth in the field of 49 riders.

Irmiger’s win moved her into second place in the NMBS cross country standings. Vanlandingham remains in first in the overall standings after five events.

Horgan-Kobelski, often noted as a strong climber, performed well on the same 28-mile loop that began at an altitude of 9,000 feet and climbed to more than 2,000 feet before descending. Horgan-Kobelski finished the course in one hour, 40 minutes and 13.05 seconds – more than three minutes ahead of Canadian Geoff Kabush who finished second. Jeremiah Bishop (Harrisonburg, Va. / Trek/VW) finished in third in the field of 67 riders. Horgan-Kobelski stands in first place in the overall series standings ahead of Kabush.

Under-23 National Team alum Alan Obye (Colorado Springs, Colo. / SRAM) finished 11th in the men’s pro cross country race. Current team members Sam Schultz (Missoula, Mont.) and Sam Jurekovic (Colorado Springs, Colo.) placed 16th and 56th respectively.

Also contested Saturday were the men’s and women’s pro dual slalom events. Amiel Cavalier (NSW) placed first on the men’s side. John Kirkcaldie (NZL) and Andrew Neethling (RSA) placed second and third respectively in the field of 16 riders.

In the women’s competition, Melissa Buhl (Chandler, Ariz. / KHS Bicycles) placed first. Joanna Petterson (RSA) placed second and Leana Gerrard (Lake Tapps, Wash. / Bear Naked/Cannondale) placed third among eight riders.

Friday evening, riders took to the Super D course. In the pro men’s competition, Ross Schnell (Grand Junction, Colo. / Trek/VW) finished first in 12 minutes and 4.49 seconds. National champion Adam Craig (Bend, Ore. / Giant) finished second in 12:07.34, narrowly holding onto his series lead over Schnell by one point.

On the women’s side, national champion Susan Haywood (Harrisonburg, Va. / Trek/VW) held on to her commanding lead in the series standings with her Super D win in 14:15.35.

Competition continues Sunday with marathon, short track and downhill events. Complete results from NMBS #6 can be found at www.norbanationals.com.

Results XC

Pro Women

1. Heather Irmiger (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 2:01:57.05
2. Katerina Nash (CZE) Luna Women’s MTB Team 0:35.41
3. Shonny Vanlandingham (USA) Luna Women’s MTB Team 1:10.62
4. Dara Marks-Marino (USA) Titus/Kenda 2:54.25
5. Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Women’s MTB Team 3:34.19
6. Jimena Florit (ARG) Luna Women’s MTB Team 4:05.85
7. Gretchen Reeves (USA) Trek/VW 7:00.80
8. Catherine Pendrel (CAN) Norco 9:06.00
9. Susan Haywood (USA) Trek/VW 11:10.82
10. Chloe Forsman (USA) Tokyo Joes/X-Fusion 11:38.46
11. Kathy Sherwin (USA) Ford Cycling 14:12.02
12. Zephanie Blasi (USA) Kenda/DT Swiss/GU 14:31.63
13. Nina Baum (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale 15:25.26
14. Shannon Gibson (USA) Crazy Cat/Yetigrassroots 16:00.58
15. Jenna Zander (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale 16:12.05
16. Melanie Meyers (USA) Ford Cycling 16:12.77
17. Jennifer Wilson (USA) Titus Grassroots 17:21.89
18. Sarah Barber (USA) Tamarack 19:07.95
19. Heather Svahn (USA) Content Works 19:28.10
20. Kristen Danielson (USA) Velo Bella/Kona 20:27.25
21. Carolyn Popovic (USA) Mtbikechicks.Com/Cannondale 21:30.60
22. Noel Weddle (USA) Velo Bella/Kona 22:51.29
23. Megan Monroe (USA) Sports Garage/Yeti 23:24.83
24. Laura Anderson (USA) 23:42.66
25. Krista Park (USA) Colavita/Addictive Cycles 24:18.53
26. Christina Smith (USA) Orthopedic Store.Com 24:46.68
27. Stacey Scanlan (USA) Tamarack 25:15.44
28. Theresa Richardson (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale 26:20.70
29. Kristen Hayden (USA) Red Rock Racing 26:25.02
30. Becca Blay (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale 26:34.18
31. Jennifer Gersbach (USA) Tokyo Joes/X-Fusion 26:43.95
32. Dj Morisette (USA) Copper Chase Condos 27:59.65
33. Caitlyn Tuel (USA) Penn State 31:01.95
34. Chrissy Bono (USA) Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling 32:22.49
35. Hilary Wright (USA) Devo 32:30.66
36. Kristi Lewis (USA) Orbea 32:54.68
37. Meggan Flaherty (USA) Bicycle Johns/Serious Cycling 34:57.48
38. Jennifer Tilley (USA) Velo Bella/Kona 37:14.84
39. Kristina Andrus (USA) Dean Bikes 37:15.08
40. Lynn Stott (USA) Tamarack 37:44.70
41. Christie Pleiss (USA) Tm K&N Performance 37:56.44
42. Kimberly Flynn (USA) Vantaggio/Specialized 42:28.11
43. Lorien Lightfield (USA) Tamarack 45:14.69
44. Jennifer Hanks (USA) Revolution Mtn Sports 46:53.38
45. Linden Kimmerer (USA) Soulcraft 50:31.53
DNF Willow Koerber (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher
DNF Mary Mcconneloug (USA) Kenda/Seven Cycles
DNF Sara Bresnick-Zocchi (USA) Ford Cycling
DNF Teri Strayer (USA) Tm K&N Perfomance

Pro Men

1. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 1:40:13.05
2. Geoff Kabush (CAN) Team Maxxis 3:05.53
3. Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Trek/VW 3:11.03
4. Todd Wells (USA) GT Bikes 3:11.29
5. Jay Henry (USA) 3d/Hillenbrand Racing 4:23.20
6. Carl Decker (USA) Giant 4:50.63
7. Ross Schnell (USA) Trek/VW 4:59.87
8. Adam Craig (USA) Giant 5:53.44
9. Nick Martin (USA) Trek/VW 6:15.64
10. Ricky Federau (CAN) Teamrace.Com 6:15.83
11. Alan Obye (USA) SRAM 6:54.00
12. Nick Ranno (USA) Trek/VW 6:58.59
13. Brent Miller (AUS) Santa Cruz/Fox Shox 7:27.28
14. Jeff Schalk (USA) Trek VW- East 7:46.78
15. Eric Jones (USA) Raleigh Factory 7:58.82
16. Sam Schultz (USA) U23 National Team 8:27.19
17. Mathieu Toulouse (CAN) Team Maxxis 8:37.13
18. Jeff Hall (USA) Salsa Cycles 8:57.60
19. Colin Cares (USA) U23 National Team 10:05.92
20. Alexander Grant (USA) Rocky Mtn/Oakley 11:26.22
21. Brig Brandt (USA) Bend Elite 11:37.70
22. Eric Ransom (USA) Tamarack Resort/Intense 11:42.91
23. Cale Redpath (USA) 3d Racing 12:00.76
24. Troy Wells (USA) Tiaa-Cref 12:23.24
25. Thomas Spannring (AUT) Cole Sport 12:43.26
26. Michael Janelle (USA) Tokyo Joes/X-Fusion 13:29.84
27. Miles Venzara (USA) Team Health Fx 13:35.25
28. Ariel Lindsley (USA) Maverick 13:56.07
29. Michael Mccalla (USA) Spinner/Rotor Cranks 14:20.20
30. Matthew Hadley (CAN) Rocky Mountain/Business Objects 14:55.52
31. Mike West (USA) Maverick 15:24.64
32. Barry Wicks (USA) Kona/Les Gets 15:34.72
33. Cody Peterson (USA) 3d Racing/SRAM/Lfp&Co 16:04.15
34. Andy Schultz (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale 16:45.69
35. Carlos Hernandez (MEX) Turbo 16:57.42
36. Travis Woodruff (USA) Litespeed/Pcw 17:05.99
37. Brent Winebarger (USA) Health FX/CWC 17:42.86
38. Chanoch Redlich (ISR) Trek/SRAM/Rudy 17:47.06
39. Matt Kelly (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 17:52.34
40. Charles Pendry (USA) Inland – BTD 17:53.32
41. Kris Sneddon (CAN) Kona/Les Gets 18:39.53
42. Ben Preston (USA) Brick Oven/Cb Builders/Clif Bar 18:55.15
43. Spencer Paxson (USA) Devo 19:11.46
44. Christian Favata (USA) Overlookmtb/Hutchinson/Spy 19:45.21
45. Greg Lewis (USA) Healthfx/Cwc 19:48.53
46. Stephen Iles (USA) Comotion Sports 20:10.31
47. Ryan Lynch (USA) James Frames/Ciber 20:10.78
48. Keith Hickerson (USA) Tamarack 20:23.32
49. Walker Ferguson (USA) Scott/Spinner 20:48.82
50. Steve Larsen (USA) 21:21.78
51. Ethan Johnson (USA) Maverick 22:21.90
52. Leonardo Sandoval (USA) Bicycle John’s /Kenda/Mgtec 22:41.68
53. Bear Perrin (USA) Kenda/Jamis 23:47.65
54. Scott Keller (USA) Tm Waste Management 24:34.15
55. Matt Freeman (USA) Team Redlands/Trek 24:58.58
56. Sam Jurekovic (USA) U23 National Team 25:32.86
57. Paul Hanson (USA) 26:09.84
58. Steve Kinney (USA) Steven K Sports 26:32.54
59. Doug Ryden (USA) Pro Cycling 28:24.94
60. Shannon Boffeli (USA) Revolution Mtn Sports/Crank Bros 29:44.64
61. Mitchell Peterson (USA) Devo 34:05.61
62. Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona/Les Gets 35:27.14
63. Nicholas Stevens (GBR) Fuentes Design/Waltworks 37:42.30
64. Austin Carroll (USA) Team Devo 45:56.79
DNF Kevin Day (USA) Bikers Edge/Smith
DNF Blake Zumbrunnen (USA) Revolution/Crank Bros
DNF Adam Snyder (USA) Devo

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