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No Limits — Biking Andalucia

Jan. 5, 2006 – Enter Spain’s toughest mountain bike marathon event with Biking Andalucia. Biking Andalucia is offering a special package deal in May that will include entry into Spain’s toughest mountain bike marathon event — known as “˜The Limit’.

The Limit takes place at the Sierra Nevada ski resort, near the city of Granada. Last year’s event, which attracted 1,500 entries, featured two options – a gruelling 102km route or the even more challenging 138km Sin Limite (Without Limits) route. This year’s event will take place on Saturday 27 May.

The package runs from Sunday 21 May to Sunday 28 May, and will include a full programme of acclimatization rides and other pre-event preparation, transport to and from the event and all entry fees.

On the day of the event, food and drink, mechanical support, massage, showers and vehicle back-up is provided by the organisers.

The cost for the package is £370 pounds.

For more information on The Limit see:<http://www.sierranevadaactiva.com/esp/bike/limite/index.htm>http://www.sierranevadaactiva.com/esp/bike/limite/index.htm

For more information about Biking Andalucia, and to book a place, see: <http://www.bikingandalucia.com/>http://www.bikingandalucia.com

About Biking Andalucia

Biking Andalucia has been successfully offering guided off-road cycling holidays from its base in the market town of Orgiva for seven years. The attractive town of Orgiva is two hours drive from Malaga, situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and offers some of the best road and off-road cycling in Europe. The town is within 30 minutes drive of the coast and about an hour away from Granada.

As well as the full week’s off-road itinerary, we also offer the following:

Accommodation-only option — ideal for road cyclists
Guide hire on a daily basis
Bed & Breakfast option for short stays
Airport transit

For more information contact:

David: t: +34 958 784 372; e: <mailto:david@bikingandalucia.com>david@bikingandalucia.com
Jez: t: 01273 688744; e: <mailto:jez@bikingandalucia.com>jez@bikingandalucia.com

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