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NISSCCOTU Results, Report, Photos

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November 2, 2009 (Nanaimo, BC) – Little Known Fact: Well… it takes longer to do up the results and the race report than it does in combined time for all the races… that is the reality… probably 6 hours of work combined.

RACE REPORT by Wendy Simms (the REAL Wendy Simms)
N-I-S-S-C-C-O-T-U. Otherwise known as the Nutcase Intercontinental Single Speed Cyclocross Championships of the Universe. You heard me – the universe. No, we were not officially sanctioned by the UCU (“Unione Cycliste Universale”), but singlespeeders are a rebel breed and it was Hallows Eve so we went ahead with it. Besides, without official sanctioning we were able to use the banned open fire pit jumps, the half kilometer Le Mans start, fireworks, socially unacceptable costumes and the “10 pack” set of barriers that were not up to UCU code. Some cursed it, others loved it and some just dressed up and took their beating like superheroes. This is their story….

All those who could not (multiple gears), or did not want to (too chicken?) participate in the NISSCCOTU singlespeed main event were relegated to the first race of the day. A smaller showing suggested many regular beginner and intermediate racers might be saving themselves for the big event. That, or perhaps they needed to get home early to catch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre marathon on TV. Hard to tell.

The race started with a bang – literally. Race director Norm Thibault lit the first Cherry Bomb of the day at exactly 11:00am and the beginners started their 500m run across the field to their bikes, dodging cow patties the size of Chucky. Rob Williamson (Braveheart) took the holeshot and never looked back, picking up the Lighthouse Le Mans beer prime, the 1 1Ž4 lap SaltSpring coffee prime, the 22min beer prime and the win. Not too shabby. Behind him, Aaron Grant chased valiantly but continued to lose time and had to settle for second while Hugh Fletcher, owner of the property, legend, and official stoker of the fire pits rolled in third.

On the XX side of things, the Lighthouse Le Mans beer prime was won by Michelle Lantaigne (Wicked Witch of the West) but the effort proved too much as Charlene Stewart surged ahead soon after to take the 1 1Ž4 Saltspring Coffee prime and continued on for the win. The determined witch had to settle for second. Meanwhile, pretty little Katie Duncan Rabien (Blades of Glory) in her hot pink ice queen outfit won the hearts of the crowd (and the Best Costume Award) as she triple-axle’ed her way through the course with her pony tail bouncing and a smile plastered on her face.

A Halloween grab bag of kids started the high noon event. Kids bikes. Dirt jumpers. Mountain bikes. BMX bikes. Rigs had everything from moto fenders, to training wheels to spoke beads. Ages ranged from 6-15, with 9 and up doing two laps of the modified course and sub 9 doing a single loop. Although some kids were having such a great time they just kept going. Until you waved a prize in their general direction and the brakes were slammed on. Nothing stops a kid in their tracks faster than free schwag.

RACE#3. Nutcase Incontinental Single Speed Cyclocross Championships of the Universe.
As the racers were undergoing the final check to make sure their rigs were singlespeed compliant, gasoline was being poured on the fire pit jumps behind them. A small child from the kids race was heard asking “but couldn’t they DIE?!” as her daddy passed the Oak Bay Bikes check and headed off to the start line in the distance. Meanwhile, Roman candle alley was being choreographed by pyrotechnic specialist Stephanie Tarver and the wind was picking up. The sun glistened off the 2008 World Singlespeed Cyclocross Champion Drew MacKenzie’s golden speedo. The crowd was bedazzled by its beauty (or high on gasoline fumes we are not sure). The racers started their long trek across the field on foot, picking up their front wheel half way. Young Matt Dawes (OBB Fairy Princess#1) looked to be a sure win for the Lighthouse Le Mans beer prime BUT he picked up the wrong wheel and had to backtrack. Mike Murphy readily took the prime from Dawes but it would prove to be the nail in the coffin for him (along with his overgeared mountain bike) as he would steadily slip backwards after the effort. Once Murphy was shed, it was a duel of the speedo kind when Norm Thibault (Rainbow Speedo) tried to breakaway from the Golden Speedo and had a wardrobe malfunction as his oversized rainbow got caught in his saddle. MacKenzie then did the Golden Speedo proud and rocketed around the course like the World Champion he is to secure the 1 1Ž4 lap Saltspring Coffee and the win, making it look easy. Behind him a core group of costume clad racers chased to no avail, including, Russell Anderson (Strongbad), Thibault, Steve Bachop, Dylan Tremblay (Don Juan, Spanish Logger), Jeff Reimer (Parksville Cougar), Peter Stevenson (Laid off Hydro Employee living the Dream) and James Cameron. As the course took its toll, the poor gearing choices became apparent and the costumes began to disintigrate, the group split up with Bachop taking second and Strongbad taking third. Unfortunately for those podium boys, the coveted Nutcase Helmet prizes were awarded unconventionally to the 4th place winner (Tremblay) and 11th place winner Roland Rabien (dressed as pre-pregnant Wendy Simms).

In the womens category, it was a battle of the babes as Joele Guynup (Flashdance) and Kristenn Magnussen (Supergirl) were within hair pulling distance for most of the race. Although Magnussen took the Lighthouse Le mans Beer Prime and the 1 1Ž4 lap Saltspring coffee prime, in the end, it was Guynup’s insider golden speedo communiqué that helped her pull away for the Nutcase NISSCCOTU Superstar edition helmet. Unfortunately the rest of the field splintered behind them leaving only 3 more officially ranked riders giving Glenowyn Carlson (Prom Queen) and Charlene Hay the 4th and 11th (modified to 5th) place Nutcase helmets. Of special note was Amanda Wakeling (Circus Chicken) who won the Runner Up Best Costume Award and opted to do a lap on her singlespeed unicycle!

OTHER STUFF for now:
Message from Wendy Simms: IF you are up, at your computer and have not voted–Last CHANCE must be done by midnight tonight: VOTE for NORM

Apparently Norm was Nominated for Cycling BCs – “Road” Volunteer of the year. He really should be in the “Cyclocross” ORGANIZER of the year but they don’t have any cyclocross categories (????) and it looks like they are only acknowledging organizers that do provincial level races. Considering he puts on 6-7 cyclocross races a year for the Cross on the Rock series and has helped grow the sport from scratch for more than 5 years now it would be awesome if we could all vote for him as volunteer of the year to acknowledge all his hard work here.

But I also think we should still nominate him for Race ORGANIZER of the year as that is the category he should really be in – there is a place to vote “OTHER” where you can put in someones name here. Maybe that will send a message that we really need to acknowledge the grassroots race organizers that help build the sport up provincially as well.

Thanks to Alison & Jason for letting me know about it.

Series Schedule
– HISTORY: September 13th. Series Race #1 FSA Cup at Beban Park
– HISTORY: October 4th. Series Race #2: Kona Kup at Bowen Park in Nanaimo
– DONE and HISTORY!!: October 18th. Series Race #3. Crosstoberfest at Providence Farm in Duncan.
– UNBELIEVABLY FUN!!: October 31st. Nutcase Intercontinental Single Speed Championships of the Universe! Was at Fletchers Farm.
– November 7th and 8th. Series Races #4 Children of the Corn Cross and #5 Cameron Cross will be in Victoria. #4 at a new venue at Slugget Farms in Central Saanich and #5 a new course at JDF a totally different course than last year as the BMX track is gone… so stay tuned on this one.
– November 22nd. Series Race #6 and Series FINAL. OrganicAthlete-egan Dave and Ian Craib are organizing a new venue and thus a new course at beautiful Hogwarts Castle. OK it is not Hogwarts but it is Shawnigan Lake school which should be awesome!


Race #1 Gear’ed Men (5 Laps)
1. Rob Williamson Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo 0:45:10
2. Aaron Grant 0:02:25
3. Hugh Fletcher AMC 0:03:19
4. Tom Wojcik LePeleton 0:03:40
5. Dave Lantaigne 0:08:16
6. Derek Vichert -1 Lap
7. Brodie Hay Healthy Habits -1 Lap
8. Wayne Dawes

– LeMans Lighthouse Beer Prime: Rob Williamson
– 1 1/4 Lap Saltspring Coffee Prime: Rob Williamson
– 22 Minute Lighthouse Brewery Riptide Pale Ale Prime: Rob Williamson

Race #1 Gear’ed Women (5 Laps)
1. Charlene Stewart 0:49:16
2. Michelle Lantaigne Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo 0:00:24
3. Katie Duncan Rabien Oak Bay Bikes Victoria 0:07:54
4. Stacy Cuzzocrea -1 Lap

– LeMans Lighthouse Beer Prime: Michelle Lantaigne
– 1 1/4 Lap Saltspring Coffee Prime: Charlene Stewart

Race #2 Kids Race (1 Lap)
1. Madeline Stewart
2. Kaden Perkins Team Mad Men
3. Zack Lantaigne

Race #2 Kids Race (2 Laps)
1. Harrison Goulet
2. Brodie Hay Healthy Habits
3. Jordan Trill AMC
4. Claire Stewart
5. Kaiden Vichert
6. Cole Perkins Team Mad Men

NISSCCOTU Championship Event

Women (7 Laps)
1. Joel Guynup Island Racing Club 0:57:24
2. Kristen Magnasson Arrowsmith MTB Club 0:00:22
3. Emily Chastain-Sportsman Bigwheel Racing 0:07:05
4. Glenowyn Carlson Team Alliance -1 Lap but not lapped by women’s leader
5. Charlene Hay Healthy Habits -1 Lap
DNF Amanda Wakeling Comox Valley Cycle Club
DNF Tanya Berg Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria
NOR Jen Eriendson OrganicAthlete

– LeMans Lighthouse Beer Prime: Kristen Magnussen
– 1 1/4 Lap Saltspring Coffee Prime: Kristen Magnussen

Men (8 Laps)
1. Drew MacKenzie Island Racing Club 0:56:32
2. Steve Bachop Island Racing Club 0:01:26
3. Russel Anderson Everti-Oak Bay Bikes 0:02:01
4. Dylan Tremblay Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo 0:02:49
5. Normon Thibault Frontrunners-Nanaimo 0:03:07
6. Peter Stevenson Experience Cycling 0:03:12
7. James Cameron Pro City Racing 0:05:04
8. Jeff Riemer Arrowsmith MTB Club 0:05:10
9. Justin Mark Steed Cycles-Helly Hansen 0:06:44
10. Bill McMillan Nanaimo MTB Club 0:08:10
11. Roland Rabien Triple Shot -1 Lap
12. Shep Stewart Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo -1 Lap
13. Halldor Gunnarsson Riders Cycles -1 Lap
14. Lee Blais Ozzies-AVR -1 Lap
15. Matt Dawes Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo -1 Lap
16. Paul Brend IRC-Cameron Law -1 Lap
17. Jeff Beeston Trail Bikes -1 Lap
18. Mike Pollock Everti Bikes -1 Lap
19. Glen Wakeling Trail Bikes-Eatmore Sprouts -1 Lap
20. Ron Mooewikson Nanaimo MTB Club -1 Lap
21. Mike Murphy Frontrunners-Nanaimo -1 Lap
22. Rui Batista Pro City Racing -1 Lap
23. Davegan Shishkoff OrganicAthlete -1 Lap
24. Tom Malczynski -1 Lap
25. Scott Sportsman Big Wheel Racing -1 Lap
26. Eric Bruhall Ozzies-AVR -1 Lap
27. Mark Allison -1 Lap
28. Michael Golinski -1 Lap
29. Mark Wieler AMC -2 Laps
30. Tom Wojcik LePeloton -2 Laps
DNF Taylor Smith Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo
DNF Robin Dutton Frontrunners-Nanaimo
DNF Greg Olson Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo

– LeMans Lighthouse Beer Prime: Mike Murphy
– 1 1/4 Lap Saltspring Coffee Prime: Drew MacKenzie
– 22 Minute Lighthouse Brewery Riptide Pale Ale Prime: Glen Wakeling
– Dead Last BUT on Lead Lap: Bill McMillan

Timers: Peter McCaffery, Corey Piket, Wendy Simms
Head Official: Peter McCaffery

NEXT Cross on the Rock Race: Double Cross Weekend in Victoria November 8th and 9th: Children of the Corn Cross and Cameron Cross!


SPONSORED BY: FSA, Cycles Lambert-Lezyne, OAK BAY BIKES-NANAIMO, KONA, Crankbrothers, OAKLEY, Aviawest, Action Motorcycles, Nutcase Helmets, Nanaimo Daily News, Everti Bicycles, Pedal Magazine


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