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New Quebec Pro Team Named Team Caylon-Litespeed

January 25, 2006 – The new pro-cycling team from Quebec that was recently announced has unveiled its title sponsors. The team which will participate in the UCI America Tour was previously listed as Equipe ADPV, but has recently undergone a name change to reflect its title sponsors – Caylon Financial and Litespeed Bikes. Calyon has recently opened an office in Montreal, its parent company is well-known Groupe Credit Agricole (one of the four largest banks in the world), and already a well known sponsor in European cycling.

The official launch of the team will take place March 22 in Montreal, and the team’s line up is as follows: Erik Lyman (Team Captain and Directeur Sportif), Joël Dion-Poitras, Jean-Sébastien Perron, Charles Vives, Maxime Vives and Brooke Boocock.

As was previously announced, the team will be directed by Bernard Vives and Gérard Pennaroyoa. In a brief interview with Veloptimum, the Vives indicated that the team “…would like to collaborate with Daniel Bedard (of Quebec-based National trade team les Espoirs de Laval) to assist Quebecois cyclists to stay in Quebec while embarking on a professional cycling career.”

If all goes well this year, the new team is also considering to launch a women’s squad in 2007.

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