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New Potentially Damning Evidence Against Verbruggen in Armstrong Doping Fiasco

by John Symon

February 16, 2014 (London, UK) – Lance Armstrong’s former soigneur, Emma O’Reilly, now tells of a very close relationship between disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong and former UCI president, Hein Verbruggen reports The Mail Online. She speaks of two alleged incidents that suggest an improper relationship during the time that Armstrong won his seven consecutive TdF wins while riding for U.S. Postal.

Lance (l) and Verbruggen  ©  Cor Vos

In one incident, Armstrong’s directeur sportif, Johan Bruyneel, was alerted to a problem with Armstrong’s doping control tests by UCI officials and that this call was made from the cell phone of another U.S. Postal rider. If true, this would be a serious breach of UCI protocol.

In the second incident, O’Reilly claims to have overheard a telephone call by Armstrong to Verbruggen, demanding that an ‘over-zealous’ race commissar should be banned from officiating at future races. O’Reilly notes that Armstrong was very serious about this demand and she had the distinct impression that Verbruggen took the call very seriously, too.

O’Reilly believes that the newly-formed Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC) must call both Armstrong and Bruyneel as witnesses.

Daily Mail here.
l’Equipe (in French) here.

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  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    Much ado about nothing. Old news innuendo and hear say. Today, let’s keep our eye “on the usual suspects” for cheating as in over geared and smiling while climbing a mountain (not normal physical behavior).
    Of all outrageous decisions by the UCI is the allowing of druggies that were caught cheating at the Olympics (sacro sant) back in pro racing. What the hey.

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