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New Elevated Cycling Tramways to Launch in Toronto

by pedalmag.com

April 01, 2015 (Toronto, ON) – City officials in Toronto are stoked about experimental elevated cycling tramways to built in the city this summer. The innovative concept is being introduced to alleviate traffic jams and separate cyclists from motorists to help traffic flow in the inner city core.

“This is exciting and could be a key solution to our inner city congestion,” said one official. “Cyclists will enter the tramways via regular city streets and ride above the traffic below. Couriers love it and are already jumping on board, and we’ve heard from other cities as well that are very interested in this new idea.”

The company introducing the concept, Tramcycles Inc., is based in Boston and is reported to have opened an office in Montreal. Looking to take the concept worldwide a brief press release states, “We own the patent around the world and will have more announcements soon. We’re excited to launch the first system in Toronto, Canada.”

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