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New DVD Premier – This Sunday, May 8

May 6, 2005 “” Hosted by Elladee Brown, West Coast Style “” Freeride Fundamentals combines over an hour of sweet riding footage with visual and graphic instruction on riding skinnies, rolling drop offs, taking air, cornering at high speed and increasing your flow on the trails. West Coast Style “” Freeride Fundamentals features expert riding tips and instruction from Joan Jones and Daamiann Skelton, along with fast action from hot riders including: Ryan Leech, Shaums March and Jay Hoots . The DVD will also include bonus features on Trialsin with Ryan, Setting up your Freeride Bike, Responding to Accidents, CMIC (Canadian Mountain Bike Instructor Certification), Mad March Racing, and West Vancouver’s Adventure Bike Park.

VENUE: Seymour Pub, North Vancouver
TIME: Be there at 6 pm; show starts at 7 pm
DATE: Sunday, May 8. 2005

Please feel free to bring friends and forward this information to others. Everyone is welcome.

The Seymour Pub is offering Alexander Keith’s and Caesars on special as well as a their fabulous Surf & Turf dinner for $14.95 along with complimentary appetizer platters. There are two big screen TVs and several other TVs around the pub, so you’ll be sure to find a front row seat. Come meet the riders, win a draw prize and enjoy the show.

NEW! The video, West Coast Style “” Mountain Biking is available as a special DVD edition. Both DVDs can be pre-ordered now on the West Coast Style website at www.westcoaststyle.org Site includes technical tips, a forum for readers, online orders, and links to key sites.

Special thanks to our partners: Shimano, Norco, Saint, Mace, Kenda USA and Pedal Magazine.

Special thanks to our supporters: John Henry Bikes, Ryder’s Eyewear, Trailside Physio, W. Vancouver Community Centre, Ride Guide TV, Whistler Bike Park and GUTZ first aid supplies.
We hope to see you there!

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