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New Canadian Team Formed For UCI America Tour

January 23, 2006 – It seems that British Columbia is not the only province to have a pro-cycling team within its borders. Quebec born Equipe Cyclist ADVP has recently been registered with the UCI and is scheduled to participate in the America Tour, alongside 18 other continental road teams such as Kodak Gallery / Sierra Nevada and Tiaa-Cref, teams which also host Quebecois riders.

The team is largely formed of former Espoirs de Laval riders – Carl Desroches, Joël Dion-Poitras, Erik Lyman, Charles Vives, Maxime Vives – in addition to three new riders from other squads: Brooke Boocock, Jean-Sébastien Perron and Alex Poirier Gaboury. The Directeur Sportif is also a retired Espoirs de Laval rider – Marc-Wayne Addission, while the team’s president is Bernard Vives – father of Charly and Maxime. The team is scheduled to be officially presented in March 2006.

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