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New Book – Custom Bicycles: A Passionate Pursuit

release by IMAGES Publishing

February 27, 2009 – A new book on cycling looks at the people, many of them legendary, behind the world’s custom bicycle industry. Featuring bike makers from the United States, the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Australia, Custom Bicycles: A Passionate Pursuit introduces many of these fabled industrial artists, engineers, welders, metal fabricators, and not to mention riders, to discover why and how they maintain their passionate pursuit for the sleek, modern and sophisticated machinery that they create by hand.

“These bikes are not only practical, human-powered machines, but works of art that make you want to throw away your car keys and go riding down a road or along a trail in search of the sense of freedom that is reminiscent of flying through the air”. – Christine Elliott and David Jablonka

The featured builders range from highly experienced master builders, who have many years and hours of frame building underpinning their expertise, through to those who represent the next generation. All of the frame builders in this book have been motivated by the ambition to create bikes in their own special way, while taking inspiration from traditional designs and more experienced builders.

Exquisitely detailed photography matches insightful chapters about each bike builder featured to inform the reader about the passion behind the creation of each beautiful machine.

Including a foreword by legendary cycling commentator Phil Liggett, the book examines why, in an era when industrialisation has eclipsed many cottage industries, there is still a yearning for the custom-made machine that perfectly matches its rider. Elliott says that “In a consumer-driven world where many things have a use-by date, owning a handcrafted bicycle that has been custom fitted to suit your body and riding requirements is an investment in quality and longevity and has the potential to become a family heirloom”.

Often made in ridiculously small workshops in the backstreets of cities around the world with little more than a blowtorch and a vision, these sleek works of art””because that is what a bicycle is””roll into the full view of he public without ever receiving the fanfare they deserve. – From the foreword by Phil Liggett

A truly handsome custom bike designed and built for you and you alone. It will fit you perfectly and will be built with materials and components that reflect you and your riding style. A good custom bike will also say a lot about you, your personal tastes, and your sense of style. – Dave Anderson

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